The procedure for obtaining a digital signature certificate

The consular district of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Washington DC includes the following states of the US: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Brazil, Canada, and Cuba.

Citizens who do not live in the above states of the US and countries of the American continent must apply to the Consulate General of Uzbekistan in New York (www.uzbekconsulny.orgtel:(212)754-7403, 754-6178, (917)539-4664 (cellphone/telegram), (347)217-4406 (cellphone/telegram), email:

To obtain a digital signature certificate, the applicant must personally visit the Embassy and provide the following documents:


1. An application (sample is here).

2. Original and a copy of passport.

3. Personal identification number of an individual obtained in Uzbekistan (PINFL).

4. A legal document of a citizen of Uzbekistan or a stateless person (“green card” or “permanent resident card”, foreign passport, F1, I-20, etc.).

5. USB – 1 pc.

6. Money Order: (1) for citizens of Uzbekistan – 40 USD; (2) for foreign citizens and stateless persons – 70 USD.


1. A letter addressed to the Consular Section of the Embassy, ​​in which it is necessary to indicate the full name of the legal entity and the taxpayer identification number (STIR).

2. An application (sample is here).

3. Original and copy of the passport of the head of the legal entity.

4. Original and copy of the passport of the authorized person.

5. A letter from a legal entity and a notarized power of attorney to issue a digital signature certificate. If the owner of the digital signature certificate is a representative of a legal entity (except for the head of the legal entity), it is necessary to indicate in the application the last name, first name, and position of the owner of the digital signature certificate.

6. USB – 1 pc.

7. Money Order: in the amount of 70 USD.