The Customs Clearance Center launched

Commissioning new facilities on the eve of the country’s main holiday, Independence Day, has become a good tradition. And this year, social and economic facilities are being launched in all regions.

Today, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is getting acquainted with the results of this creative work in Tashkent.

By the Decree of the Head of state of April 27, 2022, on further improvement of customs administration, measures were defined for the digital transformation of the sphere, improving the quality and speed of the provision of services. In particular, for this purpose, a Customs Clearance Center has been established under the State Customs Committee.

The President visited this complex.

A data processing center, a remote electronic declaration post, a call center, targeting and risk management departments have been created here. The information system is integrated with databases of foreign ministries and agencies of the country, subjects of foreign economic activity, and airlines. When organizing the center’s work, entrepreneurs’ proposals were also taken into account.

The data center is equipped with modern servers with a ten times greater capacity. This ensured an increase in the speed of communication channels by five times and a reduction in processing time by two times. The system is protected from cyber-attacks.

At the remote electronic declaration post, at the initial stage, cargo customs declarations sent remotely by entrepreneurs of the city of Tashkent are promptly processed. In the future, it is planned to cover all customs clearance processes carried out in the country.

It also processes appeals received by the call center of the Customs Committee on the hotline “11-08” and through the Committee’s website.

The Targeting and Risk Management Department was opened in cooperation with the World Customs Organization based on the experience of developed countries. Here, operational structures analyze data from 50 customs and 3 information systems of the World Customs Organization and data from more than 30 agencies and customs offices of foreign states, assess risks, and remotely control the activities of all customs posts.

The Central Customs Laboratory is also equipped with modern equipment. Its activities aim to reduce the duration and increase the examination’s accuracy.

In general, due to the digitalization of the industry by the decree of the President, the time for customs clearance was reduced by an average of 2 times. For example, if in 2017 it took 5 hours and 42 minutes to process export deliveries, then in 2023, it takes 30 minutes.

Registration of 80 percent of imports and 89 percent of exports is carried out in a simplified manner. The indicators of automatic processing of cargo customs declarations using artificial intelligence are also growing.

“The conditions created here cannot but rejoice. Digitalization is a process that does not stand still. There are still many tasks to be solved in the sphere. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the convenience of services constantly. Entrepreneurs should assess the system’s performance”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Instructions were given on providing domestic entrepreneurs with proposals based on analyzing the structure of imports and expanding processing in the customs territory. The task was set to turn customs into a sphere without corruption, improving employees’ material and social security.

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