President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s Participation in the C5+1 Summit

On September 19, in accordance with the program of his stay in New York City, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of the Republic of Uzbekistan participated in the inaugural summit between the leaders of Central Asia and the United States, held in the “C5+1” format.

The summit delved into various key areas including the expansion of trade and economic cooperation, the promotion of sustainable “green” development, energy security, the adoption of renewable energy sources, and collaborative efforts in regional security, counter-terrorism, and cross-border crime prevention.

The summit highlighted the evolution of the C5+1 format, which was established eight years ago in Samarkand, as a valuable platform for open dialogue and productive interaction across multiple sectors between Central Asia and the United States.

President Mirziyoyev commended the fortified bonds of friendship, mutual understanding, and partnership within the Central Asian region, which have paved the way for new and diverse opportunities for extensive cooperation.

Strategic priority areas were outlined for the collective development of the region, such as bolstering trade and investment, project-based cooperation, development of regional transport corridors, advancement of the ‘green agenda’, upholding human rights and gender equality, expanding educational initiatives, and facilitating peaceful resolutions in Afghanistan.

As a culmination of the summit, agreements were inked to deepen mutual understanding and broaden practical partnerships between the Central Asian nations and the United States.

Current issues concerning both bilateral relations and regional cooperation were also addressed. The U.S. President reaffirmed his staunch support for Uzbekistan’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the ongoing irreversible reforms in the New Uzbekistan.

Focused discussions were held on advancing practical cooperation projects with leading American enterprises and financial institutions.

The outcomes of bilateral meetings with the business community and the business forum, conducted prior to President Mirziyoyev’s visit to the United States, were acknowledged with positive regard.

Special emphasis was placed on the sustained efforts in human rights, gender equality, and other dimensions of human development.

Published On: September 19, 2023Views: 125