President: Our goal is to make people’s lives prosperous by ensuring justice and the rule of law

On July 28, in Fergana, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a videoconference on priority tasks in crime prevention and combating crime in the regions.

“From the first days of our reforms, we have defined the honor and dignity of a person as the highest value of our society. In the renewed Constitution of the country, we fixed that Uzbekistan is a state of law. Our common goal is to make the life of the people prosperous by ensuring justice and the rule of law”, the Head of state said.

For this, all conditions are created for the authorized structures. Over the past two years, 10 laws, about 40 decrees and resolutions of the President, and over 60 government resolutions regarding the activities of law enforcement agencies have been adopted. The salaries of law enforcement officers, especially employees of internal affairs bodies, have significantly increased, and they have been provided numerous benefits. More than 30 thousand new staff have been introduced for the “mahalla five”, since ensuring a peaceful life for the population should begin precisely with the mahalla.

However, over the past 6 months, about 12,000 crimes have been committed in mahallas that could have been prevented. An alarming criminogenic situation is observed in 1.5 thousand out of 9.5 thousand mahallas.

In this regard, for the weak organization of activities to curb crime and work with the population, a reprimand was issued to the First Deputy Prosecutor General, the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, and the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs responsible for ensuring public security.

The heads of internal affairs departments of Sergeli, Yangihayot, Shaykhontokhur, Gijduvan, Kogon, Tuprakkala, Takhtakupir, Tomdi, Yakkabog, Oltinsoy, Zafarabad, Bayavut, Gulistan, Mingbulak, Oltinkul districts, prosecutors of Andijan, Bandikhan, Buvayda, Narpai, Yunusabad districts were dismissed from office.

As is known, a new system of work with persons prone to committing crimes has been introduced in “Altin Jagis” mahalla in Nukus. Within the framework of this system, persons of this category were assigned to the “mahalla five” on the principle of “social prevention”. But the implementation of this system across the country is slow.

It was noted that a new crime prevention procedure would be introduced in the mahalla. It was instructed to develop tasks and methods for all mahalla activists on “social prevention”.

The task was set to launch the information system “Social Situation” on social and criminogenic problems in the context of the region, district, and mahalla, as well as the emergency number “112” with a dispatch service.

It was noted with regret that every third person who committed a crime is young. In this regard, an Interdepartmental Council led by the Chairman of the State Security Service will be created to work with unorganized youth based on a unified approach. The Council will implement targeted youth work programs.

Domestic crimes and women’s crimes were touched upon at the meeting. It was emphasized that working with families with social and domestic problems should become a priority task of state bodies. For this purpose, the National Social Protection Agency was established. Now a “social case” will be opened to help families in difficult situations. A separate work system on the “Safe Family” principle will be organized.

The task was set to develop new methods of ensuring public safety to increase the level of knowledge and horizons of law enforcement officers.

It was noted that people are completely dissatisfied with the road safety situation.

For example, over the past six months, about 4 thousand car accidents have occurred, 873 people have died, and more than 3.5 thousand have been injured.

Road infrastructure deficiencies caused 48 percent of accidents. Due to the lack of necessary conditions for pedestrians, 1,859 accidents involving them occurred this year, and 334 people died.

The Head of state put forward initiatives to restore order in road safety. Based on the principle of “Road safety – under the control of society”, a population survey will be conducted at least twice a year. The Committee for Roads and heads responsible for road safety will report to Parliament and the public every six months.

It is planned to abandon the concept of dislocation. A zone of responsibility covering mahallas will be defined for all employees of the road patrol service.

The activities of individual leaders who defame the name of a law enforcement officer were touched upon at the meeting. It was instructed to give a legal assessment of their actions.

Heads of law enforcement agencies and regional hokims provided information on the considered issues.

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