Embracing the Future: The Week of International Partnership Initiatives in New Uzbekistan

From July 3-7 of this year, the Week of International Partnership Initiatives was celebrated in Uzbekistan under the theme “Development, Innovation, and Enlightenment in New Uzbekistan.” This piece highlights the significance of the event and its impact on various sectors.

Events and Participation

Within the week, 8 international conferences and over 50 other gatherings were hosted by civil society institutions, research centers, and business communities. Over 400 prominent figures from 60 countries and 5 international organizations, along with more than 10,000 national politicians, scientists, and business leaders, took part in the events.

Keynote Speakers and Influencers

Several distinguished individuals, including past presidents, prime ministers, and international executives, presented lectures and participated in the meetings, underlining the influence of these events.

The New Socio-Economic Landscape of Uzbekistan

The events explored the radical transformation in Uzbekistan’s socio-economic, political-legal, and spiritual-educational landscape in the last 6.5 years. The discussions underscored the country’s rising international standing and democratic reforms.

Recognition and Praise

Foreign speakers lauded Uzbekistan’s emerging role as a “powerful tiger” of Central Asia and acknowledged its contributions to regional and global stability.

Conclusions and Observations by Foreign Participants

  • Human Dignity: The emphasis on human rights and dignity was highly appreciated. Uzbekistan’s entry into the UN Human Rights Council was seen as recognition of its commitment to human rights.
  • Socio-Economic Stability: The reforms were acknowledged as progressive steps towards achieving socio-economic stability, with substantial investments in education, healthcare, culture, and sports.
  • Investment and Economy: Foreign experts noted significant economic growth and the country’s attractiveness for investment.
  • Ecology and Sustainable Development: The commitment to green energy and wise use of natural resources was praised.
  • Entrepreneurship Development: The support for entrepreneurship and business-related reforms was appreciated, as reflected in rising global rankings.
  • Digital Society Building: Efforts in building a digital society and using modern ICT were commended, with significant growth in IT exports and positive global ratings.
  • Education and Innovation: The reforms in education, increasing access to higher education, and improvements in global innovation indices were highlighted.
  • Transparency and Media Support: The commitment to openness, transparency, and support for mass media and civil society institutions were emphasized as defining priorities for new Uzbekistan.


The Week of International Partnership Initiatives demonstrated Uzbekistan’s earnest strides in development, innovation, and international collaboration. The wide array of subjects and the participation of influential figures is a testament to Uzbekistan’s evolving role as a dynamic and progressive nation. This event not only showcased the country’s achievements but also set the stage for future endeavors in building a New Uzbekistan that cherishes human dignity, promotes socio-economic growth, and stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in Central Asia.

Published On: July 15, 2023Views: 53