Cultural Renaissance and Economic Growth: Uzbekistan’s Journey Towards a Flourishing Future

Cultural Diplomacy and Literary Heritage

In the city named after the famous poet Alisher Navoi, the holding of a prestigious festival has special symbolism. Historic centers of art and literature like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, and Kokand still resonate with the poetic legacy of Navoi. His 16 genres of poetry are admired globally and celebrate the beauty of the Turkic language.

Several conferences and festivals have been organized to honor Turkic culture. Events include the 950th anniversary of “Kutadgu Bilig” on November 27-28, 2020, and a conference on the Kokand Khanate from June 8-10, 2022. Throughout 2023, various festivals and commemorative events were held, such as the International Festival of the Art of Charity (May 6-8), the Great Silk Road International Folklore Festival (May 28-31), and 30th anniversary celebrations of TURKSOY from June 6-30.

Uzbekistan’s rich cultural heritage and scientific studies of the Turkic world attract millions of travelers. The country’s membership in TURKSOY aims to promote this heritage internationally.

Economic Development and International Collaboration

Since the beginning of this year, trade with the European Union has risen by nearly 70% due to the “GSP+” procedure. There’s a promising project portfolio worth more than 20 billion euros. Cultural projects have been carried out with institutions like the Louvre and the New Museum in Berlin.

Reforms initiated six years ago have transformed Uzbekistan’s image, leading to substantial growth in foreign relations. The liberalization of the economy and the strengthening of laws to support entrepreneurship have been internationally recognized.

The abolition of customs duties on over 7,000 goods, the simplification of the tax system, and the formation of an attractive fiscal system have resulted in a foreign trade turnover doubling. The annual volume of foreign investments has tripled since 2017. There’s also an ongoing process to join the World Trade Organization.

Working with investors has been streamlined through the Council of Foreign Investors under the President. Protections for business rights have been enhanced, and conditions for foreign investors have been simplified.

Trade and Economic Statistics

According to statistics, Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover from January to May 2023 amounted to 25.8 billion USD, a 25.4% increase compared to the same period in 2022. Exports were 10.5 billion USD, and imports were 15.3 billion USD. During this time, Uzbekistan had trade relations with 182 countries.


Uzbekistan continues to make bold strides in cultural, economic, and social spheres. As President Shavkat Mirziyoyev emphasized, “Today’s Uzbekistan is not yesterday’s Uzbekistan.” The nation’s focus on openness and sustainable development assures a future filled with progress and prosperity.

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