Consolidation and Unity: On the Path of Continuing Reforms Towards a Common Great Goal

The people of Uzbekistan, having affirmed their commitment to the development and continuation of reforms in the country, confidently look to the future. Together with their elected leader, they follow the path of building a strong and prosperous state, where human interests and dignity are the highest values.

Changes We Wish to See

In all epochs, the realities and challenges facing states have brought to the historical arena personalities capable of taking on the burden of responsibility to change the destinies of millions. Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian political and social leader, one of the leaders and ideologues of India’s independence movement from Britain, and the author of the philosophy of non-violence, spoke about the importance of the first steps towards a new life. “We must become the changes we want to see in the world,” he asserted.

In our country, the author and initiator of recent changes is President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. His inaugural speech as the newly elected head of state expresses a commitment to creating a better future for the country’s people. It is imbued with a sincere desire to strengthen the independence of the homeland and ensure a peaceful and prosperous life for all citizens.

The President, expressing sincere gratitude to compatriots for their high trust in electing him as the head of state, emphasized that the citizens of Uzbekistan have a common goal. We are all united by the interests of the homeland and the people. It was stated that all efforts would be directed towards working for the achievement of the common great goal, which is the cherished dream of our people – the construction of a New Uzbekistan.

It should be noted that the fact of society’s consolidation in our country, the truly nationwide support for reforms, is something that is increasingly being noticed abroad. Representatives of different countries and international organizations who observed the presidential elections repeatedly emphasized this.

The impressive progress made in recent years in Uzbekistan, associated with the name of Shavkat Mirziyoyev, has become the embodiment of the country’s new course, aimed at improving the well-being of the population, strengthening the rights and freedoms of citizens, accelerating economic development, openness to the outside world, and constructive international cooperation. Therefore, the convincing victory of the incumbent President in the election race was not a big surprise to anyone; he indeed enjoys enormous support from the population of Uzbekistan.

Impressive Progress

Of course, achieving any tangible result requires significant efforts. The President in his speech outlined the upcoming period as a time of breakthrough changes and great transformations in various spheres of life in Uzbekistan. The past results and approaches remain in the past, and the present demands new ideas and initiatives, new results. That is why it is so necessary to follow the course of the country’s development that meets the interests of the people.

Step by step, we have entered the era of exalting the honor and dignity of a person. Its starting point can be called the period six years ago when a completely new system of dialogue with the people was created through the organization of Virtual and People’s Receptions. This same logic of following the interests of all segments of the population was traced in the initiative to create a completely new effective system of “iron,” “women’s,” and “youth” notebooks, unparalleled in the world, for targeted work with low-income families, women, and youth. It provided necessary financial support to every needy family. Annual funds allocated from the State budget for these purposes exceeded 18 trillion sums.

The issue of poverty, previously silenced, began to be openly discussed at the highest level. As a result, specific measures to reduce it were initiated. As a result, just in 2022, one million Uzbeks were able to escape poverty. The problem of providing people with housing is being solved at a rapid pace, which is especially relevant since, according to some forecasts, the population of Uzbekistan will exceed 40 million in five years. Over the past six and a half years, about 300,000 homes have been built, ten times more than in previous years. In the next seven years, it is expected that an additional million homes will be built in all regions, for which $15 billion is planned to be allocated.

In general, as the President emphasized in his speech, work aimed at reducing poverty, supporting low-income segments of the population, people with disabilities, and lonely elderly people will be taken to a new level.

According to Jean-Michel Brun, a journalist of the popular French publication “Musulmans en France,” President Shavkat Mirziyoyev managed to achieve a real leap forward for his country in seven years. Uzbekistan has the best economic growth indicators in the region. In his opinion, the most challenging legacy was the poverty level, which reached 17 percent in 2016. Thanks to subsidy policies, reforms in education, and employment, this indicator has already decreased, writes the French journalist.


O’tkir Rahmat

Published On: July 16, 2023Views: 64