Ambassador Furqat Sidikov’s Conversation with the New Lines Institute


The Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Furqat Sidikov, and Kamran Bokhari, a Senior Director at the New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy have conversation focused on the current state of affairs in Uzbekistan, highlighting our significant strides towards political reform.

The discussion began with an overview of the recent Constitutional referendum results, shedding light on our nation’s commitment to promoting democratic ideals. Ambassador Sidikov shared his optimism about the trajectory of these reforms and emphasized the importance of the referendum as an expression of the people’s will.

The dialogue then shifted to the future of Central Asia. The Ambassador elucidated on our country’s plans and aspirations, underlining the crucial role of regional stability and progress.

Ambassador Sidikov concluded the discussion by expressing enthusiasm about continued cooperation with the New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy.

Published On: June 2, 2023Views: 268