January 10, 2018
Deputy director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics under Uzbekistan’s Academy of Sciences, Ilhom Sadikov, has told UT readers why it is necessary to build an atomic power station in Uzbekistan.

The Rosatom’s Director General Alexei Likhachev during his visit to Tashkent noted the high potential for the development of nuclear physics and nuclear power in Uzbekistan. As a result of his trip, an intergovernmental agreement was concluded on the construction of nuclear power plants and research reactors in Uzbekistan, materials science, the study of the country’s mineral and raw materials base, and others.

A. Likhachev: Our proposal is to build a station here from two blocks of the three-plus generation of VVER-1200 within time frames the Uzbek side considers acceptable for itself. Our experience in building such stations is very solid.

Does Uzbekistan need nuclear power plants?

Practically not a single Uzbek specialist is left indifferent to this question. Deputy director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Uzbekistan’s Academy of Sciences Ilhom Sadikov explained why:

- Electricity production in the republic is about 50 billion kWh / year. And Uzbekistan faces an important task today: in the coming years, it should move from the raw material appendage to the status of an industrialized country. It is clear that this requires deep processing of all types of goods. According to expert estimates, by 2025-2030 Uzbekistan will withdraw from the list of natural gas exporting countries. A nuclear power plant with a guaranteed stable and relatively cheap generation can help solve this problem.

First, the electricity produced at nuclear power plants is the cheapest at a cost price among all types of electricity sources.

Second, it is the most environmentally friendly source. The abandonment of nuclear power plants gives an increase in the release of more than 370 million tons of carbon dioxide per year into the atmosphere. Radioactive waste is formed in small quantities, and crucially, they are controlled, in contrast, to waste from thermal power plants.

Thirdly, Uzbekistan is in the top ten countries for uranium mining in the world and we can provide ourselves with cheap fuel.

Fourth, the nuclear power plant will address the problem of electricity supply to neighboring countries, and thus solve the issue of water transfer to Uzbekistan in the summer season. The nuclear power plant will give impetus to the development of oil and gas chemistry, raising the level of technical education in this segment, among other things.

Many countries, including China, India, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Japan, have passed a similar path from the construction of nuclear power plants with the involvement of nuclear weapon technologies, personnel training, localization of production, design, research and development (R & D) and so forth.

Why did the choice fall on the Russian corporation?

- Rosatom is the only company in the world with a full cycle and the most modern technologies. In addition, it will provide training and retraining of personnel, licensing technology transfer, joint R & D and scientific research, localization. In addition, the Russian Federation provides a loan for the construction and launch of nuclear power plants.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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