July 11, 2017
The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, on the second day of his trip to Namangan region, visited LLC “Merrymed Farm” in Namangan district.

In the years of independence, large-scale activities on further deepening economic reforms in the pharmaceutical sphere, introducing new and modernizing existing production facilities, creating favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment, expanding the range and increasing the production of competitive products in our country has been carrying out.

LLC “Merrymed Farm” is organized jointly with Chinese partners. Full cycle of production, including process of manufacturing, storage, delivery of production, logistics and marketing is adjusted at the enterprise. High-tech equipment is installed and quality management systems are introduced.

LLC “Merrymed Farm” produces more than 100 types of import substitution medicines related to 10 pharmacological groups.

The company is specialized in production of medicines from plant and synthetic raw materials. The volume of production at the enterprise has significantly increased in recent years due to the tax and customs privileges granted by the state. Production of tablets, capsules, ointments, galenic preparations, suspensions, infusions, injections and dry powders is established. About 300 people are employed at the enterprise.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with activities of the enterprise, examined samples of products, inquired about created conditions for employees. Information was provided on new projects of the enterprise.

For further development of the industry, it is necessary to master the advanced international experience, said the President of our country. Particular attention should be paid to production of high-qualitative medicines, increasing the volume of import substitution.

* * *

Noble work is carried out at the initiative of the head of our state on raising the living standards of the older generation, supporting their participation in socio-political life of our country.

The Decree of the President of our country “On measures of further improving activities of the “Nuroniy” Foundation on social support of veterans of Uzbekistan” of December 28, 2016 contributes to expansion of the scale and increasing the effectiveness of activities carried out in this direction.

The head of our state got acquainted with a new building of the regional branch of the “Nuroniy” Foundation and “Nuroniylar maskani” complex.

Honoring elders, respecting and taking care of people of respectable age are the noble qualities of our people. In our country, special attention is paid to social support for the elderly, improving living conditions, strengthening their health, because success accompanies those who honor elders, said the head of our state.

A new administrative building and a chaikhana (teahouse) have been built in the regional office. All rooms of the office are equipped with modern furniture and computer technologies. Necessary conditions are created for working.

The President of our country got acquainted with conditions in “Nuroniylar maskani” complex, talked with aksakals (elders).

During the conversation, special attention was paid to issues of qualitative education of youth, improvement of primary educational system, formation of high reading culture among youth, and ensuring employment of the population.

The head of our state visited the park of recreation and culture named after Bobur, where he got acquainted with the activity of the Association of florists.

It is necessary to pay special attention to floriculture, comprehensively support the association by providing it with land areas, organizing departments of the association in each district of the region, attracting highly qualified florists, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The President of our country gave corresponding instructions on organization of a special faculty for teaching youth the secrets of floriculture, establishing even more active cooperation with the Academy of sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan in this direction.

* * *

Namangan, like all the cities of our country, is becoming more beautiful year be year. Modern houses, infrastructure facilities, parks of culture and recreation are being built here.

The head of our state got acquainted with the ongoing activities on landscaping, improvement of infrastructure and reconstruction of Uychi street in the city of Namangan. Construction of 15 multi-storey buildings and more than 10 infrastructure facilities is continuing in this street. Last autumn, a modern building of children’s and youth sports school No. 2 was commissioned. All conditions are created in the complex, which has two closed sports halls and other facilities.

The President of our country gave instructions to responsible officials on completing the construction of multi-storey houses in the established time frame, creating necessary conditions for the residents.

Presentation of projects was held on construction of 8 seven-floor houses in Namangan on the basis of standard projects, the concept of electrification of railways in Fergana valley, construction of a new building of Namangan railway station, reconstruction of buildings of Namangan branches of the republican specialized centers of cardiology and endocrinology, providing them with qualified personnel and modern medical equipment, construction of a youth technopark in Kasansay district.

The head of our state noted that next year 18 multi-storey buildings will be built in the city of Namangan on the basis of model projects. The President noted the need for strict adherence to the principle of fairness in distribution of apartments in these houses.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the reconstructed building of the gallery of Namangan regional union of artists of the Academy of arts of Uzbekistan, and the exhibition that was organized here.

It is necessary to turn the gallery into a real center of enlightenment, to open here a “Master – student” school, which will continue national traditions, organize such galleries in all regions of the country, said the head of our state. It is necessary to create conditions so that youth could grow in the spirit of respect for the centuries-old traditions of national fine and applied art.

The President of our country also visited children’s and youth sports school No. 2 of the city of Namangan, where he talked with athletes engaged in artistic gymnastics and boxing.

Today the whole world admires representatives of the Uzbek school of boxing. Members of the national team of Uzbekistan proved their superiority at the summer Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro. Not only modern conditions, but also tireless work on oneself, a sense of patriotism and dedication are necessary in achieving such success. I wish you to achieve high achievements in big sport, said the head of our state.

The President of our country presented gifts to young athletes.

* * *

The head of our state visited a citizens’ gathering of “Orzu” makhalla in the city of Namangan, where he got acquainted with activities of the citizens’ gathering, and service residence of a preventive officer.

In accordance with the decree of the First President of our country “On additional measures of expanding the scale of housing construction in rural areas” of August 3, 2009, 708 houses and a new building of citizens’ gathering were built in 2014-2016 on the basis of standard housing in the makhalla. There are a chaikhana (teahouse), shopping centers, a playground for playing mini-football, various attractions for children in the makhalla with the population of more than 6,3 thousand people.

There are separate rooms for the chairman, secretary and advisers of the makhalla, for the inspector in the building of citizens’ gathering. The library is provided with modern information and communication technologies, various literature. A service residence next to the building of the citizens’ gathering was built for the preventive officer this year.

In the process of ongoing reforms under the leadership of the President of our country, a new system of operational communication between internal affairs bodies is being created in all regions of Uzbekistan with the use of modern information technologies. The head of our state held a dialogue with employees of Khiva district department of internal affairs of Khorezm region through a video-conference in the office of the inspector of the citizens’ gathering of “Orzu” makhalla.

It is necessary to improve activities of preventive officers, increase their personal responsibility, analyze each committed crime. Providing inspectors with service residence and cars on the basis of concessional loans will serve to the most effective and close interaction of inspectors with each family in the makhalla, said the head of our state.

(Source: UzA )


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