May 18, 2017
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Sirdaryo region on 17 May to review the pace of social-economic reforms, creative work under implementation, large projects underway in the region as well as to conduct a dialogue with people.

Consistent efforts on increasing the economic potential and the level of life of the population of Sirdaryo region is carried out. The region’s economy has been developing with sustainable rates. In the first quarter of 2017, the gross regional product (GRP) has increased by 5,8 per cents. The share of industry, small business, services and other spheres has increased in the GRP.

The Sirdaryo branch of the “Jizzakh” free economic zone, “Bek” manufacturing association, “Guliston medtehnika” JV, “Sirdaryo mega mega lyuks” JV have a significant role in the regional economy.

Despite difficult climate conditions, farmers of Sirdaryo grow rich harvest of cotton and grains, fruits, vegetables and melons.

During his visit to Sirdaryo, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev will inspect realization of the plans on social-economic development of the region, creative works in towns and regions under implementation.

* * *

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev announced this when looking at the Sardoba water reservoir.

At the initiative of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, work had been started in the year 2010 on the creation of this water reservoir in an area through which the Janubiy Mirzachul canal’s central strand runs.

The construction of this hydro-facility is to be completed this year. So far 922 million cubic metres of water has been collected there. This makes it possible to use fertile lands in Sirdaryo and Jizzakh Regions and to increase agricultural crop yields.

Multi-functional farms are being developed so that people can do repeat sowing and earn additional incomes.

The Sardoba water reservoir will create big opportunities for agricultural labourers and farmers in this area, said the Head of State.

In the course of the President’s visit to the People’s Republic of China, important agreements were reached in the hydro-energy sphere too. In cooperation with that country, a 15 MW small hydro-electric power station will be built near the water reservoir.

The Head of State said that forward-looking measures were being worked out to develop the country’s alternative energy sector and that a new company would be established in the hydro-energy sphere.

A recreation zone will be created around the water reservoir.

A presentation was given there on promising agricultural projects to be implemented in Mirzaobod District.

The Sardoba railway agro-industrial complex unitary enterprise of the Ozbekiston temir yollari (Uzbekistan railways) joint-stock company is to implement projects in such areas as fish farming, stock raising, the processing of fruits and vegetables, milk products and fodder production.

A fish farming complex to be set up in Mirzaobod District is to incorporate an incubation system, intensive enclosures, a plant for fish processing and refrigerators for the storage of products. Special food for fish will also be produced right there. 150 jobs will be created at these enterprises. This complex will serve as the main base for Sirdaryo Baliq Sanoat (Sirdaryo fish industry) enterprise being established in cooperation with the Ipoteka bank.

The Sardoba fruits and vegetables logistical centre will also be multi-functional. There fruits and vegetables will be produced, sorted, processed, packed, frozen and stored. At this enterprise, 200 people will be provided with jobs.

At a stock raising complex to be created in Mirzaobod District, pedigree cattle will be raised, and meat and milk will be provided for the population. 100 jobs will be created there.

In this district, one more enterprise will be producing milk products. There 3 thousand 500 tonnes of milk will be processed into a wide variety of products and packed. 25 people will be provided with jobs.

* * *

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has inspected the work of the “Abdugani Turdiboyevich” multi-functional farm in Mirzaobod Disrict.

In Sirdaryo Region, agriculture is developing consistently, and the ranks of multi-functional farms are growing. They are achieving high results in stock raising, poultry farming and fish farming. Projects being implemented by them help to raise the wellbeing of the population and to provide them with good quality food products.

The “Abdugani Turdiboyevich” multi-functional farm was established in the year 2014. 34 hectares of land is available to this farm. Of that cotton grows in 16 hectares, cereals in 15 hectares and soya beans in 3 hectares.

As part of the implementation of a Presidential resolution dated 14 March 2017 on measures to increase areas sown with soya and to produce soya granules in the republic in the years 2017-2021, more than 2,200 farms in this country are sowing soya in 21 thousand hectares of land this year on the basis of agreements.

As a result, 33.7 thousand tonnes of soya beans, 6.1 thousand tonnes of vegetable oil and more than 25 thousand tonnes of soya protein will be produced.

Moreover, thanks to an improvement in soil fertility in areas sown with soya, it will be possible to obtain high yields of cotton and grain.

The President said that it was necessary to take measures to increase soya production, to process soya beans and to export them.

It is also necessary to increase soil fertility by sowing soya and to train specialists on soya farming techniques.

The Head of State also considered projects to develop fruit growing, stock raising and poultry farming in the region.

The President held a conversation right there with elders.

(Source: UzA)


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