October 17, 2010
To cotton growers and toilers of Uzbekistan
Dear friends, Today is the joyous day in the life of our people - cotton growers of the country won a great labor victory by gathering a great harvest of cotton in the amount of more than 3.4 million tn. It gives me great pleasure to heartily congratulate you, farmers, real crackjacks, all rural toilers for outstanding achievement, which is a result of your hard and dedicated work. You can say a lot about the particularities of this season, but I believe it is appropriate to draw attention to three important points. Above all it should be noted, that current harvest, due to the rational organization of work by rural toilers, collected in the shortest possible time, which is not often seen in the history of cotton growing. Another remarkable aspect of this success lies in the fact that most of the cultivated cotton has a high quality - share of raw cotton, which was received as first grade, made up about 90%. Another noteworthy fact is a tangible increase of crop yield, which rose 4% year-on-year and reached 26,3 metric quintals per hectare. This significant victory, first of all, indicates an increase in soil fertility, as well as increasing efficiency in agriculture. Today, we note with appreciation the provinces, districts and farms, which have made a worthy contribution to the large reserves of Homeland. Farmers of Navoi region, Republic of Karakalpakstan, Andijan, Surkhandarya, Kashkadarya and Bukhara regions deserve a high appraisal for overfulfillment of contractual obligations in short term. In September, in just 20-25 business days, Amudarya, Pakhtaabad, Qumkurgan, Sariosiyo, Vabkent, Gurlen districts were among the first who fulfilled contractual obligations and have set an example for others to follow. Kegeyli, Oltinkul, Izboskan, Romitan, Shahrisabz, Mubarek, Qiziltepa, Navbahor, Narpay, Denau and Honka districts achieved success in early October. A special mention should be given to the good performance of Kashkadarya, Bukhara, Navoi regions who delivered 90-94% of raw cotton as first grade, while Shakhrisabz, Kasan, Vabkent, Karaulbazar, Qiziltepa, Amudarya, Narpay, Qumkurgan, Sariosiyo districts delivered 94-97% of raw cotton as first grade. Yield of 45-50 and more quintals per hectare in farms “Ganzhebek” of Kanlykul district, “Baraka hosil samarasi” of Buloqboshi district, “Tuhtamurod” of Romitan district, “Kenja bobo Egamberdiev” of Kasb district, “Hosil” of Kattakurgan district, “Mamatmurod Hotamov” of Denau district, “Sangzor” of Arnasay district, “Muslim Madaminov” of Navbahor district, “Hikmatilla Yuldoshev” of Chinoz district, “Nurobod” of Oltiarik district, “Navbahor namunasi” of Namangan district, “Tinibek bobo” of Sirdaryo district, “Bekajon Sobirova” of Honka district became a new page in the history of country’s cotton growing industry. I would like to highlight important factors that underlie the truly huge success, achieved this year. First of all, paying great attention to breeding in recent years, extensive work has been carried out on creation, selection and zoning to each region of Uzbekistan resistant to disease, early maturing, high yielding and qualitative varieties of cotton. It should also be noted that the introduction of modern agricultural technologies, widespread use of biological methods to protect crops from agricultural pests, timely and quality execution of all agricultural activities, in particular, defoliation, became a decisive factor for success this year. I think that it is difficult to overestimate the essence, importance and effectiveness of the program adopted three years ago for land-reclamation, which is clearly confirmed by the following figures. In 2008-2010 due to the restitution and reconstruction of more than 37,000 kilometers of sewers and drainage systems, including 35,000 kilometers of inter-regional and inter-farm networks, reclamation of 740,000 hectares of irrigated land have been improved. The fact that about 300 billion soums were allocated for these purposes throughout the country, clearly demonstrates the great importance we attach to this issue. Certainly, we can talk a lot that these programs and measures, that require considerable resources, efforts and resources, have become the base of our achievements. However, implementation of radical reforms aimed at improving management of agricultural industry to the level of modern standards, creating opportunities for farmers\' movement and its transformation into a decisive force in rural areas, improvement the system of worthy appraisal and motivation of farmers becomes most important. Today, the main condition and guarantee of further improvement and prosperity of the village, achievement of all our milestones, are identified by factors such as further expanding worldview of farmers, fundamental change in their attitude to work, strengthening the sense of the true owner of the land. As everyone knows, the end result of any business is measured by income - whether a simple farmer\'s income or revenues to the local or state budget. Therefore, we all have a feeling of satisfaction that the total income from cotton production this year is expected to reach over 2 trillion soums, or 35% more than last year. Considering this, we all are deeply aware that due to this income we would have more opportunities to build new schools, lyceums and colleges, hospitals, rural medical centers, cultural institutions and sports, construct modern, comfortable houses in rural areas which do not yield to urban houses, reconstruct roads, provide the population with natural gas and drinking water, in short, to further enhance the level and quality of life of our people. Dear friends! On this bright day, I once again congratulate you, all the people of Uzbekistan with big labor victory, with all my heart I express my appreciation, I wish you health, happiness and good fortune, peace and prosperity to your homes.

Islam Karimov, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan


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