October 14, 2010
Cotton fair not only a tradition but also international recognition
Uzbekistan is well known as one of the most important players in the world cotton market, occupying the second place on exports and the sixth on its production. The government of Uzbekistan organized the 6th International Uzbek Cotton Fair in Tashkent on 13-14 October. During two days the country provides opportunities for world cotton industry leaders and state organizations, representatives of textile ventures and trade agents not only to meet at a round table, learn about the cotton complex development strategy, but also to participate in fair and exchange trades, conclude direct trade agreements for cotton fiber supply. Practical results of last year cotton forums initiated by the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov revealed that International Cotton Fair in Tashkent became not only a tradition but also gained international recognition and authority. Over 300 companies and 500 foreign partners from 34 states have applied for the participation in the event so far. The participants of the fair will be introduced to more than thousand samples of Uzbek cotton wool displayed at Uzexpocenter. They will be able to assess the quality of the cotton and make agreements on the chosen type of cotton as well as discuss transportation routes. Moreover, the cotton wool will be available during trade session at Uzbek Commodity Exchange. Totally, over 600,000 tones of cotton wool will be represented at the fair. The distinctive feature of the fair is representation of products of leading textile enterprises of the country. It is expected to make export contracts worth over $500 million. For the years of independence Uzbekistan has been carrying out the reconstruction of cotton industry that resulted in raising image and competitiveness of Uzbek cotton in the world market. The policy in this sphere is based on preservation of stable volumes of production and creation of competitive environment for the regional and world trade with Uzbek cotton. In this context main priorities of reforming are development of new technologies of cotton production, improvement of its quality and technical characteristics, wide introduction of market principles and mechanisms of its production. Main peculiarity of cotton wool development in Uzbekistan is the necessity to grow cotton plants until the approach of unfavorable weather since Uzbekistan is the northest point of cotton growth. The creation of intensive types of cotton became strategic direction of modern selection. Leading scientists working on the problem of the cotton precocity increase grew about ten new precocious types of cotton stable to deceases and vermins. The national certification system also underwent gradual changes for the years of independence it converted into the assessment of cotton quality according to HVI standards used in the world practice. A new standard O\'z DSt 604:2001 was introduced taking into consideration the development of HVI. Presently, Sifat Center carrying out the assessment of cotton wool quality has an extensive network of research laboratories controlling the quality and weight of every single cotton bale produced at cotton plants. The introduced system of bale certification of cotton wool significantly increased its quality and raised it to the status of one of the most popular cotton wool in the world market. The improvement of current infrastructure aimed at modernization of the system of delivery to foreign buyers, certification, storage, insurance and transportation of export volumes are primary tasks of reforming in this sphere. For this reason Uzmarkazimpeks, Uzinterimimpeks and Uzprommashimpeks foreign trade companies enjoy the right to independently establish marketing strategy and sell cotton wool taking into consideration world prices and modern sale techniques. Foreign trade companies have an opportunity to provide stable deliveries of Uzbek cotton within the whole period of cotton season. The production volumes as well as measures for the improvement of cotton industry guarantee stable export policy aimed at exports growth and the support of competitiveness of Uzbek cotton in the world market. The increase of internal consumption due to establishment of new enterprises and increase of production capacity of already existing industries at the proportional reduction of cotton exports will provide the stable growth of demand for Uzbek cotton in the external markets. An important component in cotton exports is the presence of well-tuned logistics system consisting of cotton terminals, transport infrastructure. Presently, 23 specialized cotton terminals including six free warehouses with the total volume of single storage of over 410,000 tones of cotton wool operate in the country. The development of more effective transport passages is being carried out for further diversification and optimization of delivery of Uzbek cotton to world markets. In times of tough competition the main advantages of Uzbek cotton in the world market are such features as highest quality, stability and timeliness of deliveries. Uzbek exports policy offers wide opportunities to all potential buyers, the absence of any limits on the volume of contract, terms of delivery and payment. A flexible price system is used to reduce potential price risks. Undoubtedly, VI International Cotton Fair in Uzbekistan will become one of the most important events for the whole world cotton community this year, it will give new impulse to further development of market mechanisms of cotton sale, improvement of economic relations between Uzbek producers and buyers.

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