October 6, 2010
President Islam Karimov visits Karapalpakstan
The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in order to get acquainted with the socio-economic reforms, resurfacing and the work being implemented on the region, visited the Republic of Karakalpakstan on 5 October. The reforms, conducted in all areas serve to improve the welfare and upbringing the healthy and comprehensively developed generation. The anti-crisis program measures are also aimed at these objectives and serve as an important factor in ensuring the stable growth of social and economic development within the conditions of global economic crisis. The results of it can be seen in the case of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. During the first half, the gross of regional product grew by 7.7% , the industrial production increased by 6.2%, consumer goods – by 5.6%, the volume of construction contract works – by 9.1%, trade and public catering – by 16.9%, provision of services – 12.4% and agricultural products – by 13.5%. As the result of measures on fundamental structural transformation and diversification of the economy, the modernization of production, the formation of a modern market infrastructure, and the support of exporting companies, the export volume grew by 12.8% compared with the same period of last year. The organizational and legal conditions to develop the small and private business sector in the region provided notable results in the republic. President Islam Karimov visited the Davlat farm in Kegeyli district and held talks with farmers and the youth. The head of state praised the success, achieved in all economic sectors including cotton and grain breeding despite the environmental conditions in the region. The President congratulated the workers of Aral area with the successful implementation of contractual obligation to deliver the cotton. Speaking about the development of farming, the President said: “We need to create all necessary conditions for farmers, only then, they are able to achieve high results. We must promptly solve the problems related to the supply of seeds, fuel and lubricants, fertilizers, and concessional lending. Particular attention should be paid to land-reclamation, especially in Karakalpakstan.” During the meeting, the farmers expressed sincere gratitude to the President for the attention and care for rural residents. “The attention given for the development of farming is an important factor in our success,” said the head of the farm “Farhad Kushnazarov” of Ellikkala district Halilla Kushnazarov. “The growing culture has been developing from year to year and the land-reclamation work improves the productivity.” The work on the development of social and economic infrastructure, the development of service industry, bank system, etc, is being implemented in Kegeyli district. The President gave recommendations on in-depth scientific research to create a drought-tolerant, and early maturing varieties of cotton and its zoning within the conditions of Karakalpakstan. Focusing on the issues of further improving the living conditions of people, changing the face of our villages, Islam Karimov stressed the need to increase the responsibility of officials to solve these problems. “Our objective is to further strengthen the legal democratic state that we are building,” said the President. “We should strengthen the public oversight then we will achieve the goals set by us at the plenary session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on Millennium Development Goals.” The head of state spoke about the achievements in the years of independence and the results of the work to ensure people’s interests and improve nation’s gene pool as well as raising a healthy generation. This is evidenced by the fact that over the years of independence, the life expectancy of people in Uzbekistan increased to 73 years and women up to 75 years. During his speech at UN MDG summit, Islam Karimov noted that within the period of just one generation, Aral Sea turned into a drying pond, shrunk by more than seven times in size, its water volume decreased by 13 times and the level of salinity increased tenfold. He again drew attention to this urgent issue during his visit to Karakalpakstan. “The fate of the Aral Sea is the fate of millions of people. If so, we must fight for our future, for our children’s future,” said Islam Karimov. During the meeting, the famous scientist and Hero of Uzbekistan, the head of the Laboratory of the Research Institute of Agriculture G. Hodjaniyazov, the teacher of academic lyceum in Nukus P. Kamolova and others thanked the head of state for constant care and attention on improving the environment and strengthening the public health and welfare in Aral Sea region. Later, the President was familiarized with the activities of meat processing enterprise in Khalkabad city of Kegeyli district. The Uzbek-Austrian joint venture Kegeyli Buyan produces 30 kinds of sausages and provided 25 persons with permanent job. Supplied with modern equipment the company produces 4.5 tons of integrated products a day. The production process is computerized and controlled by young workers. The company supplies not only the domestic market but also exports its production. The founder of this enterprise Abil-bog farm is presently building a livestock complex. Then the President was familiarized with the construction and landscaping works ongoing in the central square of Nukus. At the initiative of the head of state, a large-scale work on renewal of appearance of Nukus had been implemented. The reen lawns and six fountains at Central Square of the city add charms to the city. The monument to famous Karakalpak poet Berdakh established in the square, contributes to educate the young generation in the spirit of patriotism. The President noted that the new building of Jokargy Kenes of Karakalpakstan, raised in a modern architectural style, the central area of the city and its surrounding buildings formed a harmonious ensemble. Islam Karimov recommended to plant trees on an area corresponding to the local soil and climatic conditions and improve the landscaping. At the Nukus branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies, the students receive education in the four areas on the basis of modern standards. The conditions for students were created in the new educational building of the University. The President got acquainted with educational process and conditions, talked with the students. It is impossible to imagine life without information technologies in the 21 century, the President noted. The youth of Karakalpakstan should express themselves more confidently and prove that they are noway inferior, the head of state stressed. In the basis of achieved success in all spheres of life of our country lie the interests of the people, and all that is embodied in the ongoing creative work in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, as well.

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