March 10, 2010
Chairmanship of Uzbekistan in the SCO
A briefing dedicated to this theme and the initiatives of President Islam Karimov, aimed at improving the efficiency of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, was held recently in our country\\\'s embassy in Turkmenistan

The event was attended by representatives of political, social and business circles of Turkmenistan, heads and staff of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to Ashgabat. Attendees were informed in detail about the speech by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in Yekaterinburg during the meeting of the Council of Heads of SCO Member States in 2009, and were introduced to the initiatives of the President aimed at improving the effectiveness of the SCO during the presidency of Uzbekistan in this organization. Attention was drawn to the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan on development of international contacts of the SCO, the strengthening of the legal framework of the Organization and other issues. Participants of the briefing praised efforts of Uzbekistan as the Chairman of the SCO to further enhance the effectiveness of the Organization. In particular, China\\\'s ambassador to Turkmenistan W.Hongbin said, that the SCO is one of the few international organizations that has been consistently gaining credibility not only in the region but also globally. - The basis of this positive trend is the unity of views and approaches of all the members of this organization to the tasks that confront a state. The SCO countries demonstrate a commitment to deepen and expand cooperation on such key issues as security, development of trade and economic ties, cultural and humanitarian cooperation, - said the Chinese diplomat. I am sure, that the presidency of Uzbekistan in the SCO will lead to the further strengthening of the Organization. Initiatives, proposed by the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, will certainly contribute to the implementation of the existing potential of the SCO and its efficiency. In this context, particular importance is the effort to further develop transportation and communications sphere. Uzbekistan is one of the first states to complete the project for the reconstruction and construction of the Trans-Asian highway E-40. The introduction of this road will create the necessary conditions for a multiple increase of trade and enhance cultural and humanitarian exchanges between the SCO member states. According to the Ambassador of Romania in Turkmenistan R. Horumba, the presidency of Uzbekistan in the SCO should give an important impetus to the development of this influential organization, whose importance in recent years has only grown. The proposals and initiatives put forward by Uzbekistan, are relevant and necessary for the further development of the SCO in modern conditions, he said. Counselor for Political Affairs of the United Nations Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy in Central Asia A.Pupols believes, that the position of Uzbekistan to establish and develop contacts between the SCO and international organizations, including the UN is the right approach. - This drive is generally consistent with modernity and is aimed at consolidating the efforts to preserve security and stability not only in the region, but throughout the world. In this context, the initiative for the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan and the ongoing activities of Uzbekistan in this regard deserve much attention. I agree with the position of the President of Uzbekistan, that the Afghan problem cannot be solved solely by military means. Every country involved in resolving the Afghan problem needs to pay close attention to the priority of the social, economic and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, as underlined by President Islam Karimov, said the expert.


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