October 21, 2009
Fair of great opportunities
International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange opened in the pavilions of Uzexpocentre, which is held on the initiative of President Islam Karimov.

Forum of Industrialists of Uzbekistan is a part of the implementation of the Decree of President Islam Karimov “On measures to further enhance intra-and inter-sectoral industrial cooperation” from November 12, 2007. This is the third market fair, which was given the international status. Representatives of over 650 foreign companies from 46 countries, including Germany, Italy, Great Britain, South Korea, China, Poland, Russia, Turkey and other countries are attending the event. They have something to see – on the stands of over 360 domestic enterprises and companies presented a great variety of products and services to potential customers.

Measures to build a modern, diversified and competitive economy through the active continuation of structural reforms, modernization, technical and technological renewal of strategic sectors of economy, accelerate the development of industrial and social infrastructure, particularly in rural areas, as well as full support for domestic producers, small businesses and private enterprise contribute to the preservation of sustainable high growth economy.

In the last nine months of this year, the growth in gross domestic product in the country amounted to 8 per cent, industrial output – 9.1 per cent, agriculture – 3,3 percent, services – 15.8 per cent, construction works – 33,5 percent. State budget was executed with a surplus of 0.2 per cent of GDP, inflation has not exceeded the planned targets.

The active investment policy and accelerated implementation of major projects have provided the growth of capital investments to 28.3 per cent, including foreign direct investment – for 2,1 times. For the nine months of this year 156 projects of technical modernization were completed, 371 production facility were put into operation. Documents adopted by the President of Uzbekistan to promote the activities of domestic manufacturers by providing additional tax and customs benefits, to increase their concessional lending has contributed to increased volumes of consumer goods by 13,7 percent. In 2009, there were mastered the production of more than 100 new products under the program of localization of production in the past period, localized production volumes increased by 2 times, carried out the implementation of import-substituting products worth of 2,6 billion U.S. dollars.

The industrial cooperation provides a dynamic and sustainable economy, accelerating the introduction of new efficient technologies in production processes, the use of local raw materials and production resources, the increase on this basis of the modern production of competitive products, economical and rational use of foreign exchange and creation of new jobs and supply of the domestic market with goods and services.

The main objective of the current forum of industrialists is to achieve widespread awareness of products, assist in finding partners and conclude business contracts with domestic producers and to supply their own produce.

Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange is conducted in two phases: the first stage of it are specialized exhibitions and fairs, in the second stage – International cross-sectoral industrial fair and cooperation exchange. Interest in them is increasing every year. If in 2008 the number of participants was 276 economic entities, this year there are 386. The volume of concluded agreements amounted to more than 1.4 trillion sums, in the current year preliminary estimates are expected to substantially increase compared to the last year.

Moreover, there will be contracts in foreign currency.

Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan E. Shaismatov attended the opening of the forum.

Source: www.UzA.uz


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