March 23, 2009
Welcoming address by President Islam Karimov at the celebrations dedicated to the Navruz holiday
Dear compatriots! Distinguished guests!

At these days, when from the warm breath of spring the land turns green, uncovering all of its magnificence, we are infinitely glad to welcome the inimitable in its beauty and long-awaited Navruz. The holiday of Navruz, which came about thousands of years ago, along with other nations of the East has been revered by us yet from the times of “Avesto” as one of the most ancient, beloved and truly nation-wide holidays, which is especially valuable and safeguarded spiritual heritage inseparably linked with our national traditions and customs.

The holiday of Navruz, which is notable for its noble essence and deep philosophical meaning, occupies a special place in our life and is comprehended as a symbol of renewal of nature and the start of Oriental new year.

At a beautiful time of spring awakening of the surrounding world, the person, as well, as if regenerates anew while with an entire self feeling to be its small part and whose heart fills with bright hopes and his soul – with noble aspirations.

Therefore, at these days thousands and thousands of our compatriots at all cities and villages, at spacious venues of the country celebrate Navruz holding the public fetes and various performances, decorate bountiful dastarkhan (festively laid national table) with traditional empowering springtime viands with sitting at it of the kith and kin, friends and neighbors.

Indeed, in such moments, entirely feeling the manifestations of kindness, solidarity and clemency of our fellow citizens, time and again we all involuntarily realize with enormous pride and gratitude that we are the representatives of noble and magnanimous people. At these radiant days all nationalities and ethnicities that live in Uzbekistan once again better understand the significance of the Navruz holiday, which calls upon to live always in accord and friendship showing respect to one another, to the people of elder generation, rendering a gratuitous help to the sick, lonely and orphans, without exclusion to all in need of care and attention. Our cordial and hospitable people have always wished and wish only the best as much to themselves as to other people. Availing myself of this opportunity, allow me on your behalf to cordially congratulate on the holiday of Navruz and express a sincere respect to all foreign guests, ambassadors and staff members of foreign representations, who are participating at today’s festivities, to all friends and partners, who are showing respect to us, to our ancient traditions and customs.

Dear friends!

At the moment, our people selflessly work with full confidence in the future for the sake of tackling the great tasks set for this year. The true masters of this bright holiday – the dekhkans (peasants) and farmers – are starting the new season with noble intentions inspired with announcement of 2009 as the Year of Development and Improvement of Countryside.

From of old the people say: the fertility and success of the whole year depend on how the days of arrival of Navruz are going to be and in what mood we are going to welcome it. In this context, it won’t be a mistake to say that abundant spring rains, harmonious shoots of winter crops, the ongoing creative work, the large-scale efforts on improvement and betterment of the entire country, as well as the joy, pure hopes and emotional enthusiasm with which we are welcoming Navruz witness about the fact that we will surely secure the great achievements and goals set for this year, as well as the most cherished wishes will come true.

At the same time, we have all grounds to assert that despite various difficulties the economic development of our country, increase in the amounts of salary, pensions, allowances and stipends, in a word, this year the further growth of real indicators of the level and standards of life of the population will be no less than last year.

Dear compatriots!

At this joyful holiday of Navruz I consider it an enormous happiness to express to you, who have gathered at this beautiful and colorful square, and in your persons to the entire people of Uzbekistan my heartfelt and sincerest congratulations and best wishes.

Let kindness and love, abundance and sufficiency stay at our homes!

Long live our esteemed fathers and mothers!

Let come true all our dreams and aspirations!

Let peace always reign on our soil!

I congratulate you all on the holiday of Navruz!


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