August 22, 2008
Press-release On Public Poll “Multinational Uzbekistan”
The main achievement of Uzbekistan’s independence became maintaining peace and tranquility in the country, political, economic and social stability of society which are the guarantees of all successes and reforms in Uzbekistan. Freedom, peace, friendship and interethnic accord are very important words that have obtained a special meaning and significance. And yet the meaning of kindness and mercy, respect towards women, elderly and children, as well as extending best national traditions and customs became an integral part of the nation’s worldview.

Thus, on the eve of 17th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan the Center of Public opinion Ijtimoiy fikr held a public poll among the population of Uzbekistan entitled “Multinational Uzbekistan”. The goal of the poll was to unveil the state of inter-national relations, their dynamics and tendencies for over the years of independence.

The results of the poll speak about that the Uzbek people are more inclined to believe in and support the inter-national and civil accord in society (95.9%). The poll suggests that the citizens of Uzbekistan are gradually attaching priority to the national policy led by President (above 90%) and care of state about the people as necessary conditions for progressive development of inter-national and civil peace and accord in society.

According t0 the poll, the high level of patriotism with a corresponding feeling of pride is inherent in many respondents that perceive themselves to be the nationals of Uzbekistan. Such case also holds true with regard to their attitude to Uzbekistan as a state where they were born and grew up. Absolutely majority of the people highly feel the ties with their historic background and rich traditions of the nation.

Most of the Uzbek nationals also demonstrated the high level of knowledge of the state language and those respondents who did not fully master it have said they were eager to learn the Uzbek language.

At the same time, it is important that the meanings of “nationality” and “citizenship” are equal for residents of the country. Dynamics of public opinion shows that Uzbekistan established cultural centers for reviving the national traditions and customs to meet the needs of each nation and nationality that resides in the country. The research showed that majority of the Uzbek people was aware about the work of such centers.

The public poll showed the high assessment of observance of rights and freedoms of citizens enshrined in the Constitution of Uzbekistan. About 95% of respondents believed that their rights were sufficiently observed. The answers gained at the poll witness about the successful policy now underway in Uzbekistan on observing constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens.

Raising legal culture is particularly significant when building a democratic state since the level of people’s awareness not only defines the level of their trustworthy attitude to law and the work of state bodies but also to the reforms underway in the country, as a whole. After all, only the well informed society can apply its rights and freedoms in practice guaranteed by Constitution. Thus, most of the questioned underscored that the legal awareness of Uzbekistan’s population has been on the rise for over the years of independence.

Many respondents described the state of inter-national relations in the country as “good” and “very good”. In this, the Uzbek people positively assessed the social, economic and political situation in the country while noting the consolidation of stability, peace, inter-national and civil accord in society.

The outcomes of poll showed that the stable inter-national relations in Uzbekistan are based on the real tolerant attitude to alien ethnic values. Over 99% of respondents, regardless of their ethnic origins, noted that they did not come across the difficulties related to their nationality.

The achievement of such state of inter-national relations is a natural outcome of integral national policy led by the President of Uzbekistan based on humanism and universal values, social and political stability in the country, high level of consolidation and inter-national integration. According to the poll, the population of the country unanimously believed that particularly President stood as a main guarantor of inter-national accord in Uzbekistan.

Information Agency “Jahon” based on reports in national press and outcomes of public poll by the Center of Public Opinion Ijtimoiy fikr


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