August 7, 2008
Attention to Education – Guarantee of Today and Future
Since Uzbekistan obtained independence it has been paying a paramount attention to improving the educational system, raising its quality up to a level of world standards. It is not by chance that one of the first laws adopted in the country was the Law “On education”.

Thus, in the conditions of independent development the Leadership of the country initiated the idea of fundamental reforming the educational system and cadres training dictated by the need to care about the growth of intellectual potential of Uzbekistan and to raise the might of state. At one of his appearances on this topic President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov said that accomplishing reforms in the sphere of education was the guarantee of both today and tomorrow of the nation, as well as the guarantee of independence.

As a guideline the National program for cadres training which foreign specialists named as the “Uzbek model of education” was proposed. Given the lack of financial means in a short period of time the country planned to address the unique and grandiose tasks in the sphere of education.

In higher education system the National program for cadres training envisaged the transition onto a two-stage education: the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

To establish the two-stage system Uzbekistan worked out and introduced the state educational standards for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, held special trainings for teaching faculty, including at the leading foreign pedagogical and scientific centers, provided for humanitarian direction of higher education based on the rich spiritual and intellectual heritage of the nation as much as the universal values.

Thus, with introducing the bachelor’s degree program with a span of four years of studies the terms of the Program meant to produce the main bulk of specialists (80 percent) for a labor market which needs the cadres with different level of qualification. But with introducing the master’s degree program with a span of two years of studies (on the basis of bachelor’s degree) the terms of Program dictated to address the concrete professional or scientific tasks in education process. It is very important that content of education at this stage would be closely followed by a practical activity.

The prominent foreign scholars and specialists in the sphere of education highly assessed the National program for cadres training. In particular, the heads of UNESCO noted “the uniqueness of the national model for cadres training and system of continuous education, the fact that it is aimed at future and considers Human” pointing out the merit of Uzbekistan before the nations of the world in shaping the perfect generation.

The National program for cadres training, the unique document of its kind, is being successfully implemented for more than ten years. Thank to it the education at higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan is being continuously bettered. In this, a profound attention is attached to shaping a creative personality of specialist able to learn and strive for innovation, as well as capable to make through the stormy stream of information.

To raise the scientific level of knowledge of youth Uzbekistan undertakes enormous work to renew the state educational standards of teaching students who seek bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as the textbooks. The latter includes the methods of self-learning and conducting scientific and research work on particular majors. Scholars of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan are taking part in this important work. They are also engaged in tutoring the scientific and pedagogical work of master’s students, their theses and final qualification works. Thanks to it the new quality of education has been achieved at higher educational institutions nationwide that meets the requirements of both public and economic development based on deep and firm knowledge.

A big event in the sphere of education that aroused enthusiasm among students and teachers served the recently adopted Resolution of President “On celebrating the 90th anniversary of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek”. The National University of Uzbekistan, the founder of higher education in Central Asia, turned into a true leader in fundamentally reforming the education in the country, implementing the National program for cadres training. This resolution will take yet up to a higher level an important work on raising the intellectual and spiritual potential of the Uzbek youth, as well as training the highly qualified specialists.

The year 2008 was announced as a Year of Youth in Uzbekistan. Thus, the words of the Leader of Uzbekistan “The youth is a decisive force of today and tomorrow” became its unofficial motto. The successful implementation of reforms in the system of education led to a positive process of forming a free-thinking personality in society. The young men and women with concrete goals in life are stepping into frontlines in science, policy and production. They possess both common and special knowledge, realize well the need of harmony of national and universal values, and are ready to contribute into reforming the economy, democratizing society, and building a great and bright future of their Homeland.


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