April 23, 2008
PRESS RELEASE On International Conference «Activity of Ombudsman in protection of Human Rights: experience of Spain and Uzbekistan»
The delegation of Ombudsman of Spain Kingdom headed by the Defensor Del Pueblo Mr. Enrike Mugica Herzog, which is currently being in country on return visit to Uzbekistan took part in the international conference on «Activity of the Ombudsman in protection of Human Rights: experience of Spain and Uzbekistan», organized by the parliamentary Ombudsman in Cooperation with national partners on April, 18th, 2008, which is devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The conference, witnessing the progressive liberalization, establishment of a civil society, is a next step for further democratization and support for the government on promotion \\\\\\\' of constitutional rights and freedoms of the people in the Republic of Uzbekistan, and for the development of the international cooperation. The conference brought in big interest among the Authorized Person for Human Rights and partners of foreign countries, in this regard; participation of diplomatic corps of these countries and the representatives of international organizations accredited in our country was evident approval.

After a greeting speech of Legislative chamber of the Parliament, Defensor Del Pueblo and Authorized Person for Human Rights presented their presentations, the representatives of National partners of Ombudsman, including Constitutional Court, the Office of the General Prosecutor, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan had an opportunity to exchange the practices on protection of human rights during the discussions. The representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Center of Human Rights, and Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan expressed their opinions regarding the issue of promotion and protection of the constitutional rights and freedoms of the people in the country and abroad.

It is important to emphasize that the Cooperation agreement between ombudsmen of the two countries, concluded last year, in the framework of which the exchange of information, delegations and methods of promotion of rights and freedoms have already being carried out. It was enhanced that in the conditions of realization of new laws and widening the legal area of protection of peoples\\\\\\\' constitutional rights and freedoms are extremely important for the support of ombudsman by the governmental authority and the parliament, its constructive cooperation with courts and executive bodies, institutions of a civil society, and in this sense, the foreign participant has expressed his acknowledgement concerning the trends and mechanisms of protections of human rights in Uzbekistan. The experience of Ombudsman of Spain was also very interesting to the participants because he possess the right to initiate the procedure of Habeas Corpus, which was incorporated into the Uzbek legislation and enforced since January l, 2008.

It is necessary to note, the conference, in particular the participation of the representative of one of the authoritative human rights institutions in the Europe, the president of Federation of Ombudsman of Spanish speaking countries (more than 30 states), once again demonstrates adherence of Uzbekistan to a democratic choice, ŕn openness and an opportunity of disclosing the reliable information in full to the international community regarding the process of democratic developments.

Secretary of Authorized Person

of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan

for Human Rights (Ombudsman)


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