December 10, 2007
Dear compatriots!

It is necessary to specially note that our foreign partners, as well, from many countries of the world and the international organizations are making their contribution to such noble deeds envisaged by the program. Thus, in cooperation with the Health and Development Fund of the Republic Korea the children\'s hospital in Urtachirchik District of the Tashkent Province has been fully repaired and supplied with modern medical equipment. It should also be noted that with the help of foreign specialists 180 children went through surgical operation, who have as a result recovered from inborn diseases, and 22 sick children went through the treatment course at the clinics of Germany.

Focusing on the significance of cooperation in such a kind deed, I want to express the sincere gratitude to the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, UNICEF, other international organizations and our foreign friends, who have taken an active part in the acts of true humanism.

Undoubtedly, it is especially noteworthy the resolution of yet another important task defined in the program ? the improvement of mechanism of stimulation and worthy assessment of work of the social servicing system personnel, the houses of ?Mekhribonlik?, ?Sakhovat? and ?Murruvat?.

In particular, this year alone over UZS 125 million was allocated from the central and local budgets to increase the salaries of tutors and staff of the houses of ?Muruvvat?.

Along with this, the 15 percent rise in wages has been introduced for the staff of sanatoriums that services the veterans of war and labor. Besides, UZS 230 million was allocated for the personnel, who renders the home-based social assistance, and more than UZS 1,5 billion - for the teachers, who do the home-based teaching of the disabled children.

In accordance with the State program of the ?Year of social protection?, during this year the large-scale work has been accomplished to comprehensively care about the young families, provide for the vital interests of the forthcoming generation and broadly attract it to go in for sports and physical culture.

Thus, with an aim to resolve the problems of young families related, above all, to the purchase or construction of housing, procurement of the household appliances and furniture the commercial banks have allocated the mortgage and consumer credits worth UZS 57 billion 500 million.

It is also important that with the support of the Public youth movement ?Kamolot? the young entrepreneurs were allocated the micro-credits worth UZS 2 billion 500 million, the young families ? the mortgage credits worth UZS 1 billion 800 million, the consumer credits ? worth UZS 1 billion 100 million, as well as numerous educational grants for the students of higher educational institutions.

It is noteworthy that during this year 195 thousand young men and women were provided with jobs and at several provinces and districts the youth centers were established.

Dear friends, when we speak about the social protection, it is clear to all that firstly we mean the creation of conditions for the peaceful and meaningful life for the representatives of older generation. In accordance with the measures set in the Program the serious work has been accomplished in this direction, as well. Thus, with an aim to render assistance to veterans in line with recently adopted Decree ?On measures to strengthen the social support of pensioners? by the end of this year from the Pension Fund it will additionally be allocated the resources, which exceed UZS 20 billion 300 million, and the next year it is envisaged to allocate UZS 94 billion.

Besides, over 480 thousand lone elderly, disabled persons and participants of war, workers of the home front, as well as the participants of elimination of consequences of the Chernobol tragedy were paid the compensation worth more than UZS 21 billion 500 million.

UZS 648 million of budget funds were allocated to provide for the free ride in the urban passenger transport during the year for more than 37 thousand citizens of such category and the first-group eyesight handicapped persons. The ?Toshkenttranshizmat? Association alone has rendered the privileged transportation services to population worth almost UZS 2 billion 230 million. The organization of free trips for 28 thousand people to the ancient cities of Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and Tashkent has become a sign of special attention to our veterans.

Dear friends, I am confident that each of you can give many such examples from the life of your makhalla, district or city. Summing up the aforesaid, it should be noted that for the implementation of measures envisaged in the State program of the ?Year of social protection? it was spent UZS 483 billion 600 million, including UZS 213 billion 200 million of the budget funds and UZS 270 billion 400 million of the sponsorship funds and grants. All this vividly reflects the scales and significance of the truly colossal work we have accomplished in the social sphere. Availing myself of this opportunity, on my own behalf and on behalf of our people I express the sincere gratitude to the state agencies, khokimiyats (governor?s and mayor?s offices), non-governmental organizations, in particular, the ?Makhalla? and ?Nuroniy?, ?Soghlom avlod uchun? and ?Ecosan?, ?Mekhr nuri? and ?Forum of culture and arts of Uzbekistan?, ?Sen yolghiz emassan? funds, such public associations as the Federation of trade unions of Uzbekistan, Public youth movement of ?Kamolot?, Women?s committee, Doctors Association, as well as all who have made their contribution to this noble cause nationwide.

Dear compatriots!

The aforementioned figures and facts vividly demonstrate the enormous work accomplished by the state and people for over this year, mobilization of considerable forces, resources and capabilities in this direction.

In this, it is natural that each of us thinks about the following. Above all, it is necessary to admit that not each and everyone can afford the accomplishment of such noble deeds, which are the embodiment of a high spirit of humanism, manifestation of such qualities as mercy and kindness, keenness and attention.

Yet another idea is that at the core of these kind aspirations and high beginnings there are the magnanimity and generosity peculiar to our nation and our people, as well as the worldview of our compatriots, which has changed for over the years of independence, the efficacy and efficiency of the accomplished work on upbringing and spiritual betterment, firstly, of the forthcoming generation.

I consider it my duty to note from this high rostrum the activity of the makhalla neighborhood community assemblies of citizens, their aksakals and activists, especially the consultants on spiritual-moral upbringing in makhallas, and to express them gratitude for the enormous contribution to strengthening the atmosphere of accord, mutual respect and friendship among the population, which excites the interest and admiration of our far and close neighbors.

Tell me, my dear friends, can such grandiose work, which we have all jointly accomplished, be measured with some figures? Is it possible to overcome the people capable of such truly great deeds?

Dear friends!

I think now it is appropriate to consult with you on how to name the forthcoming 2008, and proceeding from this, to define the most important and priority objectives.

We are all aware that each state, each nation, sees firstly in its children, the young generation, which mature and join the life with big hopes, the powerful force capable to manifest the peculiarities and features inherent in these people and realize its centuries-old dreams.

With an aim to achieve the high goals we have taken up to a principally new level the task of training the new generation cadres brought up in the spirit of national and universal values capable to address the complex large-scale objectives on the way of modernization of the country, building the contemporary democratic society.

For over the years of independence an enormous work has been accomplished in this regard which is of a historical significance and today this bears its results.

At the moment, the time itself sets before us the new tasks to continue at a higher level the started profound work, and most importantly, resolve the outstanding issue of today ? gaining by the youth of the worthy place in society.

To resolve this most important task and attract to it the attention of state and society, as well as the broad public I propose to announce the new year 2008 as the ?Year of youth?.

Dear compatriots!

I think there is no need to speak long and prove why we are naming the upcoming year particularly the ?Year of youth?, what goals we are setting forth in this.

It is known that today in our country the youth at the age of up to 18 years old makes up 10 million 360 thousand people, or about 40 percent out of total population, and up to 30 years old ? 17 million 80 thousand, or 64 percent. It goes without saying that the issue of constant concern of all society about the resolution of yet still existing problems of the youth, which accounts for the big part of the population, turning it into a truly decisive force in our life must be at the focus of public attention.

To implement these goals in view of that we are announcing 2008 as the Year of youth it is necessary for us with participation of the relevant state and public organizations to elaborate and implement the special State program.

Speaking about the main goals and priorities of this program, I consider it necessary to draw a special attention to implementation of some outstanding objectives of today. Proceeding from the contemporary requirements, the strengthening of legal basis and reconsideration of the current legislative acts directed at providing for the interests of the young generation must become a priority for us.

Taking up to a new level the implementation of nationwide state programs in our country in the sphere of education and increasing the responsibility of the relevant agencies and centers at the local levels must stand among the important tasks.

When the point is about obtaining by our children the contemporary knowledge at schools, academic lyceums, professional colleges and higher educational institutions, mastering by them the professions in demand in life, it should be noted that we have to resolve yet many tasks to enhance the quality and efficiency of work being accomplished in this direction, their final result.

We all must realize that education and upbringing of our children in line with the latest requirements ? this is only one part of the set goals.

It should be specially underscored: the second part of this issue, and particularly, the objective of creating the broad opportunities and rendering assistance to the graduates of educational institutions in applying by them the acquired skills and professions in life, it must be admitted that it still remains out of our attention. It will not be a mistake to assert that by not retreating from this issue to look for its resolution through implementing the well thought-out programs is the most urgent task for us today.

To train our youth for the modern professions and provide them with jobs is by now the most important from amongst the urgent problems. It is clear that this objective must be at the focus of attention of state and society, the local bodies of power.

In this regard, we must pay a special attention to providing the young people with jobs who reside in villages and small towns, and particularly, the citizens who return from the active military duty. Such particular urgent issues must occupy a main place in the program.

When we speak about upbringing of the youth, above all, we imagine a family environment.

Up to date there are 950 thousand young families in Uzbekistan, which accounts for 16 percent of all families of the country. Naturally, their material and moral support must occupy a special place in the program.

Along with ensuring that the pupils and students would gain the contemporary knowledge the concrete measures to improve their housing conditions, expand the opportunities for them to regularly go in for sports must be defined in the program.

We are rightly proud of our talented children, their big successes at the world sports arenas, international subject Olympiads, contests on various types of arts and culture. I believe that the timely exposure, upbringing and realization of abilities and talent of each child who lives in our country must be not only the cherished dream of parents, but also the duty of all our society.

The fact that for over the last years several non-governmental organizations have also been accomplishing an active work alongside with state institutions is worth noting. We all become glad that as a result of such cooperation the contests ?Nikhol? and named after ?Zulfiya?, the show contests ?Yangi avlod? and ?Kelajak ovozi? held in the country reveal thousands and thousands of young talents.

It is also expedient to reflect in the State program of the ?Year of youth? the issues of supporting the non-governmental organizations that implement such exemplary projects peculiar to civil society and rendering them the necessary assistance and help.

Along with this, with an aim to raise the cultural level and enrich the spiritual world of the youth, further strengthen its strife towards the arts and the beauty the elaboration and adoption in the new year of the State program for improving the activity of children?s musical schools and schools of arts for 2009-2014 must be included to the rank of important objectives.

Dear friends!

I have dwelled on just some, the most important objectives, which must be included to the State program ?Year of youth?. During its elaboration, undoubtedly, the opinions, proposals and recommendations of the broad public, women?s organizations, makhallas, parents and pedagogues, and especially, the youth must comprehensively be studied. We must mobilize all powers and capabilities of state and society to the achievement of these goals.

The main idea, which embodies the common objectives and goals of the new program, must be clear to all. It is about providing for the protection of rights and interests of the youth, obtaining by it the contemporary knowledge and professions, establishing the new formation cadres able to withstand the harmful influences and currents alien to our mentality and able to take a worthy place in the life of society.

Here I want to specially underscore one point. At the moment, the expression ?The youth is our hope and support, our future? is often used. Certainly, this is a dream and hope of each of us, each parent, and all public.

But today, taking this opportunity, I would like to accord a broader sense to this expression. If we say: ?The youth is not only our hope and future, but the youth is a decisive force of our today and tomorrow?, then it will become an appeal, which fully meets the political course and goals of our state. No doubt that such appeal firstly meets the dreams, aspirations and mood of our youth, which year by year gains the strength, energy and courage, nourishes the ability to realize the grandiose tasks in the life.

In a word, we need not only to trust the young generation, but also expand the space for its self-affirmation.

In many appearances I call all young citizens of our country as my sons and daughters expressing them my belief and affection. Certainly, each child has his parents and relatives. No doubt, they wish that their child grows healthy and smart, obtains the modern knowledge and profession, establishes himself in the life, and if necessary, they stand ready to fully dedicate themselves to them. But being a leader of this country, along with each parent I consider myself responsible for the achievement of these noble goals and aspirations and I never renounce this high duty.

Dear compatriots, once again I congratulate you on the Constitution Day. I wish you all a good health, happiness and success, the family well being!


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