August 9, 2007
To the 16th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan ?UZDAEWOOAUTO?: A SIGN OF ECONOMIC MIGHT
The secured goals and the traversed path of making and reforming for over the years of independence give a confidence to speak about that the people of Uzbekistan have been achieving more significant successes by steadily continuing on the way to consolidate the sovereignty. The selfless work of the Uzbek people for the sake of further progress of the country and prosperity of their families and relatives, as well as the feeling of sharing the destiny of an entire nation are the defining qualities of changing worldview of the new generation of Uzbek people.

Uzbekistan has achieved much in developing its national economy. Serious structural changes in industry, agriculture, transport, the sphere of communications and other fields have taken place. Large industrial enterprises have been built and commissioned.

One of these is ?UzDaewooAuto? Company, which was established on the initiative of President of Uzbekistan at the dawn of Independence. Now the company has turned into a symbol of creative development and economic might of the country. It is not a secret that the automobile building is a complex and high technology industry, which requires considerable scientific and technological, economic and cadre potential. The visit of President Islam Karimov to South Korea in June 1992 has laid the initial foundation for building the automobile plant. In August the same year the document on establishing the joint venture on producing the automobiles has been signed. In 1993 the joint Uzbek-South Korean enterprise was registered and the construction of a giant plant in the city of Asaka in Andijan Province had been started.

The eleven years, which have passed since the commissioning of the plant, has indeed become the time of progress. In March 1996 the car plant began to make the first cars ?Damas? and in June ? the other models of ?Tico? and ?Nexia?. In the first year the plant has made 25 thousand cars and the next year - 69 thousand. In 2006 the joint venture produced 140 thousand automobiles, and 83% of them were exported. This year the Asaka carmakers are planning to make 170 thousand cars and of them 111 thousand ? shall be exported. The Uzbek cars are in popular demand in Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries. Especially they are popular in Russia. In 2002 and 2005 ?Nexia? secured the first place in the list of the same class cars imported by Russia.

The automobiles made at the plant are constantly being improved in keeping with demand and flow of the times. In 2001 the plant began to make the new model of ?Matiz? cars, which are different than ?Tico? on a number of advantages and modern design. After some time, the said car took the first place in ?City car? nomination of the contest ?The best car of 2003?. In August 2002 the Uzbek carmakers offered the customers the newly designed cars ?Nexia?-?Dohs?.

In April 2003 the ?UzDaewooAuto? Company has been awarded the international quality certificate ISO 9001:2000. Starting August 2003 the plant began to produce the ?Lacetti? cars ? the more comfortable cars with an improved design and safety features. In June 2004 the plant was awarded the international prize ?International Quality Summit ? New York? for its high quality produce and leadership in the sphere of the cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

The work on improving and modernizing the production now continues. In particular, in the framework of an agreement on strategic cooperation between the General Motors ? Daewoo Auto and Technology (GMDAT) and the Government of Uzbekistan, the Uzbek carmakers plan to produce the new models of ?Nexia ?N-150? and engage in serial production of comfortable ?Lacetti? cars. Also, the plant shall assembly the new models ? ?Takuma?, the car of ?Nexia? class, ?Coptiva?- the analog of the popular ?Jeep? and elite class car ?Epica?. By late 2007 about 2500 such cars will be produced at the plant.

In short, with commissioning of ?UzDaewooAuto? Company in Uzbekistan an absolutely new industry ? the automobile building has emerged in the country. At the moment, 74 enterprises supply the car assemblage parts to the plant. Besides, 5341 people are now employed with this plant, and in the ?Uzautosanoat? Company system - over 10 thousand. The enormous work is underway on localization of production of spare parts.

All of these are the fruits of a profound work and consistent reforms aimed at the main thing ? to build a state with a firm and strong economy, create the duly conditions for the development of country and growth of its people?s prosperity.


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