October 31, 2015
Implementation of policy \"Health 2020\" discussed in Tashkent
October 28, Tashkent hosted a National meeting on the implementation of the policy \"Health 2020\".

The event, organized by the Ministry of health of Uzbekistan and European regional Bureau of the World Health Organization saw representatives of state, public and international organizations, scientists, national and foreign experts in the field of health.

As was pointed out at the meeting, the priority of human interests, availability of a medical care, based on modern technologies and accessible to all segments of the population, creation of favorable conditions for healthy life are one of the main directions of reforms carried out in Uzbekistan.

A number of state programs on reforming and improving the health sector have been adopted and implemented over the years of independence of our country. Given the new global trends, a concept for further strengthening of health and improving the welfare of the population of Uzbekistan \"Health-2020\" was worked out, which calls to unite the efforts of the state and civil society and will have a significant beneficial effect on economic, social and individual development in the whole country.

In 2012, the WHO Regional Office for Europe adopted the Regional European policy \"Health-2020\", aimed at integration of all priorities and programs in the field of health promotion and enhancing well-being in the countries of the region.

The policy \"Health 2020\" calls to maximize opportunities for promoting population health and reducing inequalities in health outcomes. It is recommended to use nationwide approach and the principle of participation of the whole society when addressing the health of the population.

The meeting discussed such issues as formulating national policy in the sphere of health in Uzbekistan according to the principles of \"Health 2020\", the experience of developing this policy, the achievements of the Republic in the sphere of ensuring the health of mothers and children, food safety, healthy eating and others.

To this end, our country has created all the necessary legal and regulatory framework. Implemented measures to strengthen reproductive health, birth of healthy children by providing pregnant women special multivitamin complexes. The government allocates funds for the procurement of multivitamins and annually provides health improvement of pregnant women living in rural areas, strengthening the health of mothers, ensures the prevention of congenital diseases.

\"The main purpose of this meeting is the development of cross-sectoral cooperation towards strengthening the health and wellbeing of the population, discussion of issues regarding consistent implementation of the policy of \"Health 2020\", said the Director of the Republican specialized scientific-practical medical center of pediatrics Dilorom Akhmedova. Without a doubt, this event will be of particular importance in the expansion of international contacts, exchange of experience and promote best practices in this area. Hereby it is necessary to note the role of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, which is of great importance in strengthening the health of the population in line with a proper diet. Conducted in our country activities in the way of proper and rational nutrition of mothers and children, as well as the development of children\'s sports contribute to the formation of physically and spiritually mature younger generation.\"

Foreign participants of the meeting praised the achievements of Uzbekistan in the field of medicine and noted that the effective national model of medical services that was created over the past period in our country meets all international standards.

\"The two-day session organized by the Ministry of health of Uzbekistan and European regional Bureau of the World Health Organization provided an opportunity to study and analyze the implementation of \"Health 2020\" in Uzbekistan, said the expert of the European regional office of the World Health Organization Joe Jewell. - We witnessed the high results achieved by your country in implementing the policy of \"Health 2020\". We also received information from the reports of the specialists of Uzbekistan on current and planned activities on nutrition\".

Following the results of the meeting, the participants agreed further areas of cooperation in the implementation of the policy \"Health 2020\" in Uzbekistan.

(Source: UzReport.uz)


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