November 15, 2006
Prospects of democratic institutions development to be discussed
In a period of 13-16 of November a delegation from Russian Federation will stay in Uzbekistan. This delegation together with the Fund on regional politics of Uzbekistan will carry out an international roundtable on the \"Condition and prospects of the development of the democratic institutions and processes: experience of Uzbekistan and Russia \" in Samarkand.

The visit of the delegation is related to the anniversary of signing the Agreement on allied relations between Russian Federation and the Republic of Uzbekistan. The agreement was signed in Moscow on 14 of November, 2005.

Russian delegation includes Gleb Pavlovsky, the president of the Fund of an effective politics of the Russian Federation, Maxim Meyer, the assistant to the vice-president of Council of Federation of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Kiril Tanaev, the general director of The Fund on effective politics of the Russian Federation, Modest Kolerov the head of department of President of the Russian Federation Administration on inter-regional and cultural communications with foreign countries, Sergey Markov, a member of Public Chamber of Russia and Director of the Institute of Political Studies, Eugeniy Kozhokin, Director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Analysis and etc.

On the first day of the visit the delegation members attended meetings at the charitable organization Mahallya, and at the Republican international cultural center. Moreover in the second half of the day meetings are planned at Legislative Chamber and Senate Oliy Majlis of Republic Uzbekistan.

On 14 of November the delegation will be greeted at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Then visitors will travel to Samarkand where a roundtable on the \"Condition and prospects of development of democratic institutions and processes: experience of Uzbekistan and Russia\" will take place at the conference hall of President Hotel Samarkand.

The program of this big forum includes the issues of the development of the democratic, socio-economic, social and political reforms based on the experience of two countries.

The visitors from Russia, and the representatives of Uzbek side - S.A.Zhuraev, the head of the Fund on regional politics of the Republic of Uzbekistan, A.A.Abduvohidov, the rector Westminster International University in Tashkent, K.N.Nazarov, the rector of academy of the State and public construction under the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan G.K. Saidov, the first deputy minister of economy, B.H. Erhashev, Deputy Director of the Institute for Civil Society Studies - are to deliver speeches during the forum.

After the results of the first day are reviewed the participants of a round table will join a meeting at the Youth city centre of Samarkand.

On 15 of November the third session \"Challenges and threats to the development of civil society institutions and ways to overcome them\" will take place. It will be directed by A.H Saidov, the chairman of committee of Legislative chamber Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan and E.M.Kozhokin, Director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Analysis. S.A. Djuraev, the head of the Fund for Regional Politics, V.T.Tretjakov, chief editor of Moscow news and Political class magazine (Russia) and Z.I.Munovvarov, the head of International fund of Imam al Buhari will present reports during the session.

Also discussions will take place during this event.

After reviewing a forum and participating in the grand closing the visitors will go sightseeing in the ancient city, and then will have a supper organized by Samarkand region governor and return to Tashkent.

On 16 of November the last day of staying in Uzbekistan, the meeting will take place at the Fund of a regional politics devoted to the \"Condition and prospects of Uzbek-Russian cooperation in a sphere of a security and stability in Central Asia \". Then visitors will have an excursion around the capital.


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