August 21, 2015
ECONOMY...Enterprises of \"O\'zbekyengilsanoat\" to produce industrial production up to 3.4 trillion soums in 2015
The issues of effectiveness of the work on the development of light industry in the years of independence, experience, practice, innovation, and problems became the focus of a press conference, which took place in the capital. As was noted at the event, the role of the light industry in the national economy over the years of independence has significantly increased. Thus, its share in GDP made 3.8%, in the volume of industrial production - 26.2% and in the volume of non-food consumer goods exceeded - 44%. The domestic processing of cotton fiber went up from 7% in 1991 to 35% in 2014(currency rates of CB RU from 21.08.2015 1$= 2590.38 soums ).

At the press conference, it was also emphasized that during the period under review, thanks to the attraction of foreign investments worth $2.2 billion, more than 180 major investment projects were implemented. To date, more than 70 thousand people are engaged in the enterprises in the structure of \"O\'zbekyengilsanoat\".

Another worth to note fact, is the commissioning of 92 industrial enterprises over the past 3 years. With a total value of 575.3 million $, their export potential amounted to $215.8 million. This in turn allowed to create more than 11.6 thousand new jobs.

Thanks to the implementation in the industry of modern equipment, exports increased by 120 times, and by the results of 2014 remained at the level of $1.0 billion, against $7.0 million in 1991. Today, the products of light industry of the republic are exported to 50 countries of the world.

As was underlined at the event, there are about 270 small businesses operating within the structure of \"O\'zbekyengilsanoat\". The share of production of small business and private entrepreneurship in the total industrial production of the company is 50.2%.

During the event, representatives of the \"O\'zbekyengilsanoat\" shared some plans for the future with reporters.

It is expected that by the results of 2015 the volume of industrial production will make 3.4 trillion. soums, including the production of consumer goods - 1.4 trillion. soums. Growth in industrial production compared to the same period in 2014 will reach 120%.

In addition, according to the forecasts, the growth of industrial production by 2020 will increase by 3 times and will make 6.9 trillion. soums, including the production of cotton yarn, finished, silk and knitted types of fabrics will increase by more than twice.

The growth of industrial production in the period until 2020

yarn - 2,5 times

finished fabric - 2,8 times

silk fabrics - 2,7 times

non-woven fabrics - 1,5 times

knitted fabric - 2,7 times

In turn, the production of finished products with high added value, including garments will increase by 3.2 times, knitted fabric by 2.1 times, production of raw silk by 2.1 times. Therefore, the volume of produced fabrics in 2020 will reach 459.2 million sq. meters, growth hereby will make 5.4 times. (tablica 2)

The growth of finished products with high added value in the period until 2020

Ready garment - 3,2 times

Knitted goods - 2,1 times

Production of raw silk - 2,1 times

Is worth noting that on the eve of 24th anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, \"O\'zbekyengilsanoat\" will put into operation 18 new industrial enterprises worth $99 million, with export potential of $43.1 million Thanks to this, more than 1,000 new jobs will be created.

(Source: UzReport.uz)


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