June 26, 2015
EDUCATION.. Ahead of Diploma Awards
About half a million Uzbekistanis graduating from professional colleges, academic lyceums and higher educational establishments of the country will soon become certified specialists and full-fledged members of the labor market.

In Colleges

Production qualifying internships, which were held within the framework of tripartite agreements concluded between students, employers and colleges, have eventually completed at all professional colleges.

Thus, for example, the Samarqand professional college of food industry has been cooperating for many years with the ‘Sino’ Share-Holding company, a producer of household refrigerators. The company allocated a special room for H&S briefings and discussion of tasks. Having gone through those lectures the students learn to implement their theoretical knowledge into practice under the guidance of experienced specialists. Upon completion of internship the best students are offered jobs with the company.

The state attestation and defense of diploma works will start as of June 20 at the lyceums and colleges. Currently the majority of colleges prefer namely preparation for and defense of diploma works since such an approach enables a graduate to focus on the solution of a concrete task. Diplomas will be issued and presented by the Center of Secondary special and professional education to their owners by the 10th of July. As surveys indicate the majority of graduates prefer to enroll at higher educational institutions rather than find jobs. In the Baccalaureate Qualifying works of college and baccalaureate graduates, according to specialists, differ only in the level of the difficulty of their topics. By the way, defense of graduate qualifying works at higher educational institutions also coming to an end.

“In preparing their work students make wider use of Internet as well as analytical materials and reviews of research works from journals and magazines published both by national and foreign specialists. This provides an opportunity to get more information and knowledge on the subject elaborated and make the diploma work more meaningful,” noted deputy Head of the Main Board of higher educational establishments of the Ministry of Higher and Special Secondary Education Barno Rajabov. The specialist has also underscored that in recent years dominate topics of scientific-practical nature, which are agreed with potential employers, organizations and establishments. Many qualifying works are made in the form of authors’ projects, which may easily be realized into life. Quality of performance keeps increasing from year to year, especially those presented by students engaged in research and academic activities. They combine strong theoretical and experimental parts with much input of analytical material. Incidentally, many of them are used by the authors as the basis of their subsequent masters’ dissertations, which are then growing up into doctoral dissertations.

In the Master’s courses

The appearance of masters’ dissertation has changed in recent years, which is related to the consolidation of the role of Master’s Degree courses in the system of training doctors of sciences. This is the result of research work, which a student had taken part in while studying at Master’s level and written under the guidance of a specialist with an academic degree.

To make sure that training of personnel in the magistrature run in unison with training of specialists, the institute of senior researchers has an agreed list of topics which comply with the Government research and practical programs, i.e. from the very beginning they offer orientation to the solution of urgent knowledge-intensive tasks for development of production.

To date all graduates of Master’s courses have not less than two scientific articles and theses on their topics, comment of their academic advisor, critical review of an internal and external reviewers, which only serve to confirm the high level of organization of research activity in the Master’s courses.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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