April 29, 2015
ART... The Waves of Art
Creative positivity reigns at the exhibition halls and the streets these days – Festival of Fine and Applied Art has started in Tashkent. For five days the waves of art will cover the whole of the country. Along with prominent artists young painters will demonstrate their works.

The main objective of the project is to deliver to the audience the idea of different-generation painters’ high potential, their love for motherland, ability to see and appreciate the beautiful. This year’s holiday of art is devoted to the Year of Attention and Care of the older generation. Documentaries about Uzbekistan’s culture and art are shown on the TV monitors in the exposition halls.

“The development of fine art is allocated care and attention at the government level,” says scientific secretary of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan Abdumajid Madraimov. “The festival’s scale keeps expanding with every passing year. It had emerged as a Day of an Artist, then it turned into a Week, and the third time it is conducted at the national level.

The exhibitions were opened both at the branches of the Academy and its educational establishments all over the country. The best halls of the capital city, Karakalpakstan and all regions of the country are provided for the disposal of painters. Their works are displayed at the streets and squares, at historical and architectural complexes and in the parks.” Master classes, exhibitions of national garments and folk performers’ concerts are held within the framework of the festival.

The festival acquires the features of an international event – presented at it are works by painters of three countries. Three exhibitions have opened within its framework – that of Latvian painter Valdys Bushs, Japanese photo artist Shot Nagase, as we as Uzbek ceramist Nazira Qoziyeva, who had presented an installation called “Blossoming of Sakura”.

“During previous years we had invited to the capital artists from all regions. This year – art representatives of from three major regions – Republic of Karakalpakstan, Navoi and Sirdaryo regions to expand the idea of not only fine art but also that of applied art, folklore, and get closer acquainted with the regions’ specific features,” told us responsible secretary of the Creative association of artists of Uzbekistan, the exhibition curator Farida Mahsumova. “Hence the addition ‘Applied art’ to the name of the exhibition. The second novelty rests in that the concept of an ‘exhibition of a single work’ was represented for the first time. Such a concentration of attention on a sole work – by painter Damir Roziboyev – will enable the viewer to more deeply evaluate it and penetrate into the author’s creative intention.

Students at education institutions of arts taking an active part in all festivals also work in the planner. The jury will evaluate their works as well.”

“The Festival program includes discussion of contemporary fine art problems by art critics and artists. Two national scientific conferences were devoted to these topics, one of them “The Art through the eyes of the youth” is interesting in that young art critics of the Kamoliddin Bekhzod National Art and Design Institute presented their reports,” says Editor-in-chief of the San’at magazine Dilafruz Qodirova. “A conference “Fine Art of Uzbekistan – interpretation of heritage and creative search” has been planned for art critics. Two competitions have been announced within the framework of the festival – “For the best artistic photo” and “For the best article about the Festival”.

The program of the festival also includes presentations of academician E. Rtveladze’s album-catalogue “Outstanding monuments of archaeology”, catalogue of works by artists from Navoi region, and a book “The Modern Miniature of Uzbekistan”.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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