March 31, 2015
INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION.... Stepan Gurjiy: Powerful gas field to be built within Kandym project
A powerful gas field and gas processing plant will be constructed within the project on construction of Kandym Gas Processing Complex in Uzbekistan, director-general of LUKOIL Uzbekistan Stepan Gurjiy told in interview to corporate newspaper of LUKOIL Overseas – Neftyaniyi Vedomosti.

Stepan Gurjiy stated that advanced foreign technologies on processing natural gas will be used at construction of new complex.

The Kandym Plant will be processing 8.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually in order to obtain block and granulated sulphur, stable condensate and purified natural gas. All products will comply with international quality standards and the Republic’s requirements. Stepan Gurjiy said that 77 gas wells and 300 km of gas pipeline will be constructed within the project. At the same time, it is planned to build other plant infrastructure objects such as electricity supply lines (100 km of electricity lines), water supply lines, automobile and rail roads and village for 1,200 people.

He said that the project will allow to create over 2,000 permanent jobs and over 10,000 people will work at construction of the plant. He said that LUKOIL is cooperating with UzLITIneftgaz, SredazEnergosetPryekt and BoshTransLoyiha within the project implementation, he said.

In future, the company will attract Uzbekneftegaz, Uzbekenergo, Uzbekistan Temir Yollari and other large industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan, he said.

He said that about 60% of volume of goods, works and services will be implemented by local companies within the PSA.

Gurjiy said that Kandym is complex and difficult project, implementation of which will require large volume of resources – works, financial resources, construction materials, equipment and electricity. It is vital to receive necessary resources on time and the works are conducted to ensure this, he noted.

Kandym being a complex project. Safety issues traditionally rank first in LUKOIL projects around the world. Primary attention is given to minimizing industrial safety risks. We focus on using the most stringent labour safety standards, hold regular training sessions and drills for our personnel, and set strict requirements for our contractors.

In these conditions, one of the key aspects is the professionalism of all parties involved in the project. Therefore, LUKOIL Uzbekistan places special emphasis on the following: hiring the most experienced and qualified contractors, employing a highly professional workforce and promoting advanced best practices.

He said that during implementation of two PSAs, it is planned to extract about 330 billion cubic meters of gas and over 6 million tonnes of oil and gas condensate.

LUKOIL Uzbekistan chief said that the PSA for the Kandym-Khauzak-Shady project was signed in July 2004. LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company was founded a month later. That’s when the first field operations began. The first production complex, the Khauzak-Shady area in the Bukhara region, was started in November 2007. In a year’s time, this facility reached target gas production levels.

Last November, a booster compressor station was started at the Khauzak block. This high-tech facility is the first production unit of its kind to be used in Uzbekistan’s gas industry. As of early 2015, the accumulated hydrocarbon production in Uzbekistan has reached 26 billion cubic meters of gas. These years have marked the beginning of a path towards major future successes, he said.

(Source: UzReport.uz)


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