November 29, 2005
Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan \"On measures to improve payment system and strengthen material motivation of human resources in public education\"
Since the very first days of independence, work has been carried out to increase the role and prestige of teaching, and measure aimed to improve material living standards of teachers have been taken.

Over the past few years, the salaries of the national education system workers have been increased several times. Special bonuses have been introduced, and measures were taken to optimize the workload in line with the requirements of the educational standards. All these increased the flow of young specialists into the sphere of national education.

Nevertheless, teacher?s motivation system remains to be the weak link in the secondary school education, where the talent and professional attributes of teachers are still neglected in determination of labor compensation. Low level of current tariff rates, and the absence of clear and transparent mechanisms of the provision of bonuses results in depersonalization of teachers\' contributions and reduction of schools\' pedagogic potential.

In order to further improve the system of teachers\' compensation, implement high quality new mechanism of financial motivation and remuneration of talented, committed workers of public educational facilities, increase their conscientiousness and encourage the contribution of personal effort into the process of formation of a harmonically developed new generation:

1. To set the following as the tasks of the new improved system of compensation of pedagogical workers:

a. Ensure fair performance appraisal of teachers and other workers of national education, envisioning recognition of talented teachers, who demonstrate commitment to their profession, initiative, high professionalism, and enclosure of personal contribution into the educational process;

b. implement objective and transparent mechanism of compensation, unify currently provided bonuses and incentives, taking into account not only the fact that the salary should not fall below current level, but also the most important point - Provision for its growth;

c. differentiate financial motivation of public educational facilities\' workers, based on the increased prerequisites to their professional abilities;

d. further increase the independency of schools, and expand the rights of principals and teaching staff in the part of participation in the work associated with objective appraisal and motivation of teaching staff.

2. To approve the recommendation of the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan on:

a. Introduction of the improve system of the remuneration of teaching staff and administrative workers of public education, with identification of basic tariff rates based on qualification categories and positions held by workers, starting 1 January 2006.

b. Creation of the Principal\'s Fund of Rewarding High Achievements in public educational facilities in order to ensure the payment of bonuses to the teachers for educational, and out-of-class activity, professionalism and concrete contribution to the educational process, achievement of high results and quality of education, as well as payment of simultaneous premia, and provision of financial assistance to the employees of these facilities

c. Retention of the Fund of Financial Incentives for the staff of pre-school, out-of-school and other public educational facilities.

To take into consideration the claim made by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the fact that due to implementation of measures aimed at improvement of teaching staff compensation schemes, their pays including all sources of income (not taking into account annual indexing), on average will be increased 1.3 times next year.

3. To establish that special commission, created under each public educational institution - school, headed by the head of the corresponding facility, with participation of the representatives of teaching staff and students\' parent will administer the funds of Principal\'s Fund.

4. To increase the size of principals\', assistant principals\' for educational, and socio-enlightenment of public educational facilities 1.4 times on average, starting 1 January 2006.

5. For the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan to work with the Ministers\' Council of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional khokimiats (administrations), and Tashkent city khokimiat on ensuring timely and full financing of salaries, within the frames of the State Budget for 2006, in line with the introduction of the improved system of compensation of public education workers and increased salaries for principals, and assistant principals of public educational facilities.

6. For the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to take into consideration the importance of the set tasks identified in the present resolution:

a. To approve the improved system of remuneration of public educational workers, as well as the Procedure on the Remuneration of Workers of Public Education, Principal\'s Fund for Rewarding Outstanding Workers of Public Educational Facilities;

b. To ensure strict monitoring over the course of implementation of measures concerning the improvement of the system of remuneration of workers of public education, and review its results during its session on quarterly basis.

7. For the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan to submit to the Cabinet of Ministers the statement on amendments and addenda that need to be introduced to legislation, as a result of the present resolution within one-month period;

8. The function of control over the implementation of the present resolution to be laid upon the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. Mirziyoyev.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov

Tashkent, 25 November 2005.


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