September 23, 2014
The Road to Glory Begins in Tashkent
The World Wrestling Championship in Tashkent has finished and at the same time it became a starting point for the history of a new international wrestling organization, the UWW. This was the first championship which was conducted under new regulation standards and competition rules, which, according to specialists, have made wrestling a much more exciting sport for spectators. However the biggest achievement was the winning of two bronze medals by the national team of Uzbekistan who competed with over 800 top athletes from over 95 countries.

To be sure, expectations of Uzbekistan fans were high for this championship, as in the first day of the competition our wrestler Bekzod Abdurahmanov became the bronze medalist in freestyle wrestling in the category of up to 70kg. However the local crowd had to wait for the second medal until the last day of the championship when Elmurat Tasmuradov was awarded the bronze medal in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Although, the Uzbek athlete could go for the gold medal, if it was not for the 2012 London Olympics Champion Hamid Sourian of Iran in the semi-finals. After a devastating loss, our wrestler defeated his opponent from Cuba for the third place in just 22 seconds, by using his aggressive and attacking style of wrestling.

“Competing in a world championship on the home soil is a huge responsibility. The arenas were full of fans and I did not want to let them down. Their cheering and support helped me rise to the podium. I believe that the semi-final fight against the Iranian wrestler was the most difficult one, and in my opinion we both deserved a place in the finals. I am still critically reviewing my performance in order to understand what skills and training I was lacking at that moment,” Elmurat Tasmuradov said.

“The World Championship showcased the great potential of developing wrestling in Uzbekistan. In the categories up to 84kg there are numerous high-potential athletes. The Uzbek school of wrestling is known for its proficiency in developing smaller low-to-middle weight wrestlers. On the other hand the larger wrestlers had very little options among potential sparring and training partners, which forced the most elite heavyweight wrestlers to train abroad. However with time even the super heavyweight wrestlers will be training locally,” stated the three-time Olympic Champion Artur Taymazov.

High scores were awarded for conducting the championship by the world’s leading experts in sports. According to the first Vice-President of the Russian Sport Wrestling Federation, Georgiy Bryusov the high level of hospitality and eagerness to host the championship has made it truly remarkable.

According to him: “Anyone who was experienced and witnessed a part of local history, heritage, customs and traditions will take a part of Uzbek hospitality in their hearts. The locals really know and love wrestling as each day of the competitions gathered arenas full of spectators and viewers. It is good to know that not only Tashkent, but the whole republic supported and lived this truly historical sports event.”

“Yet again Tashkent has excelled in hospitality. In addition to the sports events, all competing teams could get in touch with local history.

Moreover the newly introduced rules made the sport much more spectator-friendly. Now wrestling has become a highly interesting and dynamic sport. I hope that these developments will always modernize the sport of wrestling.” - Stated the three-time World free wrestling champion Buvaysar Saytiev.

The rights of conducting the next championship have been passed on to Las Vegas, where the championship will commence in September 2015.

However the biggest event in the world of wrestling is the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games. The recent reforms in regulations and organizational strategy have allowed this sport to stay in the program of the 2016 Olympics. Uzbekistan has good chances and hope that our country will be awarded many medals in the future.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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