June 30, 2014
Peace and Harmony – Bedrock of Abundance and Prosperity
As it was reported earlier, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov visited the Ferghana region on June 26-27 in order to enquire into the course of socio-economic reforms, innovative and beatification works carried out in the province.

On the second day of his tour around the Ferghana region, the head of our state traveled to the fields of the Rohatoi farming enterprise in the Kuva district.

In the current year, the Ferghana farmers have grown a rich harvest of grain on 112 thousand and 500 hectares of lands. The grain harvesting season is in full swing these days. Particular energetic on this front have been farming enterprises like the Nurli Obod in Altyaryk district, Patilakhon in Buvaida district, Tukhtasin-2000 in Yazyavan district, Marvarid Gul Ifori in Uchkuprik district, Lukmonov in Tashlak district. The President of Uzbekistan noted that the innovative and beautification works in progress in the city of Ferghana constitute a bright manifestation of wide-ranging reforms, undertaken in the country in the interests of our people, and their results. Such extensive creative endeavors boost the mood and spirit of the people and augment the confidence in the coming days.

On the initiative of President Islam Karimov, the Ferghana city center has been created. An inner ring road has been laid around the city.

Decorative trees and shrubs geared to meet the local natural-climatic conditions were planted along the road. That is rather important in securing the cleanness of the environment, the safety of traffic, and it creates even greater conveniences for the population to spend their leisure time.

During a conversation with farmers and specialists of the agricultural sector, the head of our state stressed the effectiveness of farmer movement and the prospects of its further development.

“Before we attained independence, we used to import the major part of the grain essential for the needs of our people,” Islam Karimov said. “Owing to independence and the establishment of farmer movement, creation of necessary conditions and extensive opportunities for farmers, Uzbekistan achieved grain independence within a brief period of time. In the initial years our farmers used to travel abroad to exchange expertise, and now foreign specialists have been applying our practice. More than 200 scholars and specialists from abroad who took part in the international conference in Tashkent “On Vital Reserves in the Implementation of Food Program in Uzbekistan” also expressed willingness to study the achievements made in our country’s agricultural sphere, and in particular to exchange experience with Uzbek farmers. All this is delightful for us and overfills our hearts with a sense of pride.”

The workforce of the Rohatoi farming enterprise headed by Avazbek Teshaboev grow cotton and grain on 349 hectares of lands. Thanks to the opportunities created for diversified farmer enterprises, they also are well into fish breeding. A 200-ton capacity cooling storehouse has been built to store the fruits and vegetables with quality.

A rich grain yield has been grown in our country this year. This is primarily an outcome of the peace and calmness in the nation, harmony and cohesion of our people. Abundance and affluence, progress and prosperity are there where peace and harmony reign. To consistently secure these goods, we should steadily walk the way we have chosen, preserve as the apple of the eye the peace and tranquility reigning in our country, be constantly vigilant and attentive, the head of our state said.

Expounding on the prospects of the farmer movement, Islam Karimov noted that farmers ought to be a genuine decisive force of the agricultural sphere.

“The contemporary farmer, not confining himself and herself to the secrets of farming, should be also an economist, bookkeeper, breeder, manager, businessman and, if needed, a diplomat. They should be well informed about the emerging tasks required of them by the contemporary life, to take enthusiastic decisions to further improve the living standards of people, especially rural residents, to uplift the wellbeing of the population and the prosperity of the nation,” the President pointed out.

The driver of the CLAAS grain harvester combine Dilshod Khotamov told about the efficiency of these machines manufactured in our country in cooperation with German partners, and that they harvest the yield without losses and are convenient to operate.

The head of the Rohatoi farming enterprise Avazbek Teshaboev, the chief of the Shaboda-N farming enterprise in Furkat district Nurali Ghaniev, the leader of the Ferghana regional department of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan Enakhon Siddikova and others noted that the results of the wide-ranging reforms being spearheaded under the leadership of our country’s President have been manifest in every sphere, and that the international standing of our state has been rising, as have the living standards of our people.

(Source: Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


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