May 28, 2014
Secondary schools across Uzbekistan closed the school year
May 24, secondary schools across the country closed the school year. On this day, 501,564 school leavers will hear the last bell in a festive atmosphere, marking the cross to a new phase of training.

Three years ago, the national education system moved to a compulsory twelve-year education. This means that upon completion of the nine-year schools, every graduate must continue his or her education in vocational college or academic lyceum. This unique system of education allows young citizens of the country to start an independent life with two or three professions in hand. Moreover, today the work of professional colleges, which train about 90% of young people, is built so that graduates are assisted in employment, and many even get the job before graduation.

This year’s survey among ninth-graders showed that 9.4% of graduates are wishing to continue their education in academic lyceums, and 90.6% in vocational colleges. Their plans are sure to come true, as guaranteed by the Ministry of National Education, and the Center of Secondary Special and Professional Education.

Besides, education ministry is creating a special electronic database E-Maktab to provide monitoring of the right to the 12-year compulsory education. It already contains data on 4.4 million schoolchildren of 1-9 grades, with information about the school a child is attending what kind of education expects to receive in the future and even the institution he or she entered after school.

Every year educational institutions in the country improve conditions for quality education. In 2013-2014 alone, as part of the Investment Program, 394 secondary schools had been repaired 1,920 schools received new training equipment, 1,485 got new computers, 2,314 received school furniture and other items necessary in the educational process. This year, over three thousand schools will get new equipments. Particular attention is paid to foreign language classrooms. Under the program, approved in 2013, the schools received 2,457 sets of technical equipment for primary schools and 1,485 sets of computer equipment for senior classes. Education ministries are working on improving textbooks and manuals. By the beginning of 2013-2014 academic year, publishers issued and supplied 22.5 million copies of textbooks and teaching aids of 392 titles.

Ministry of National Education pays special attention to improving the quality of the educational process. Thus the ministry is implementing a prospective plan for the development of public education for 2014-2016 academic years. Thirty eight secondary schools and 28 secondary specialized educational establishments are testing new project state educational standards and curricula on 18 subjects. These standards are aimed to help students acquire practical skills of application of theoretical knowledge.

Each school is has professors and university teachers who are in charge for distribution of best teaching practices and new technologies. This was named a School of Excellence which is carried out in all subjects. 194 secondary schools are running special courses for teachers on information and communication teaching technologies.

More than 400,000 teachers have already passed these special training courses.

And, most importantly, a lot of attention is paid to the comprehensive development of students. This job is done by institutions of extracurricular education. This year, 38 music and art schools will receive new and reconstructed buildings, equipped with modern equipment and tools. 115 sports facilities are scheduled to be commissioned by 2014-2015 school year. Children’s art centers “Barkamol Avlod” will also get financial and technical assistance.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)


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