March 20, 2014
Uzbekistan to build a solar power station
A US $310 million project to construct a 100 MWt solar power station in Samarkand province will be brought to completion in March 2019.

The Asian Development Bank extends a US $100 million loan to finance the construction of a 100 MWt solar power station in Samarkand province (Republic of Uzbekistan). The project is expected to facilitate the large-scale development of solar power in the country.

\"A given project will be the biggest of the type ever implemented in Central Asia and one of the biggest in the world,\" says the ADB President Takehiko Nakao. \"Uzbekistan is blessed with huge land resources, plenty of sunshine and highly qualified and educated labour force, with all these factors being indispensable for the country\'s formation as a major player in the development of solar power in the region.\"

The project to construct a solar power station in Samarkand province will allow the Republic, one of the countries with the biggest reserves of hydrocarbon resources in the world, to prevent interruptions in energy supply, diversify power resources and cut down greenhouse emissions.

Today, about 90 per cent of electric power in Uzbekistan is generated from hydrocarbon fuel, which requires the injection of capital investments into the replacement and renovation of existing electric power stations. The worn-out electric network suffers sizable losses of electricity, thereby deepening the gap between demand and supply in some districts, including Samarkand province.

Since Uzbekistan boasts the abundance of intensive sunshine, the solar power station, due to be erected in the region, will exploit up-to-date photoelectric technology. It will enable the Uzbek government to broaden the exploitation of renewable sources of energy in the power sector. It is planned to meet the nation\'s power needs by using renewable sources of energy, including solar power.

The project stipulates the organization of training sessions and provision of other kinds of backing to the State Joint-Stock Company, Uzbekenergo, in a move to raise the latter\'s potential for operating electric power stations and other solar plants. The Asian Development Bank will also assist other partners in their efforts to develop their potentialities in the field, in particular the International Solar Power Institute. A given organization will enable the Republic of Uzbekistan to attain all the aims in the process of its formation as a regional center of knowledge and technology in the solar power domain.

The ADB renders assistance out of the Bank\'s own resources. Local funding, at the rate of US $200 million, will be provided by the Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the State Joint-Stock Company, Uzbekenergo. The project will be implemented within 5 years and finalized in March 2019.

Founded in September 2012, the Asian Solar Energy Forum promotes the exchange of knowledge in the field of solar power in the Asia-Pacific region. Its participators include government representatives, project developers, manufacturers of equipment, borrowers, officials from international financial institutions and suchlike. The Forum aims to investigate the latest technological trends and potential for developing solar power engineering in the region. The Asian Development Bank is a co-organizer of a given forum, which was held in Central Asia for the first time. And for the first time it was attended by delegations from the African continent and representatives of international financial institutions. The Forum urged Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkmenistan, the ADB member states with abundant reserves of solar-energy resources in the region, to develop their potential in this sector.

In 2012, the State Joint-Stock Company, Uzbekenergo also started designing a 50 MWt solar power station to be built in Tashkent province, with an annual capacity to generate 110 million kWt/h of electricity. The project, worth US $250 million, will be financed by a credit facility from the Asian Development Bank (to the tune of US $90 million) and by the Uzbek side\'s own funds. In February 2012, the government of Uzbekistan and the ADB signed a memorandum on cooperation in the implementation of solar power projects. An international solar-power institute set up in the Republic within the framework of this document will work on the development of projects in solar power engineering. In particular, there are plans to prepare technical and economic assessments for 6 such projects in Uzbekistan, with a total specified capacity of 2 GVt. The country\'s solar-energy potential is estimated at 50.9 billion tons in oil equivalent, or 99.7 per cent of all the renewable sources of power studied up to now. (Source: “Business partner.uz” newspaper)


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