July 15, 2005
Presentation of new book ?Islamic Spirit in the Life of Uzbeks?
?Islam is the sacred belief of our ancestors. Owing to it, our people managed to preserve their spirituality, rich heritage and sense of self-awareness during thousand years.

In addition, religion played an important role in establishing kindness and respect among the people. It called them to charity and goodness?. Islam Karimov

The presentation of the book ?Islamic Spirit in the Life of Uzbeks? was held at Tashkent Islamic University under the Cabinet Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. State and public institution officials, scientists, well-known scholars, the representatives of various confessions operating in the country, as well as, the foreign diplomatic corps and international organizations took part in the event.

In opening speech the President\'s State Advisor Z. Khusnidinov highlighted that publication of the book, where development processes related with the religious sphere systematically reflected, is of great social-political and scientific-enlightening importance.

Charitable and good deeds have been carried out to provide the freedom of worship, to restore the spiritual value, to return the activities and works of our great ancestors recognized in the entire world.

A wide access is now wide open to observe religious ceremonies, perform daily prayers, set up religious institutions and establish longstanding relationships with foreign countries. Ultimately, the nation\'s centuries old dream has come true.

Everything that has so far been achieved, it has to be said, is bound up with the name of President Islam Karimov as well as the systematic and regular policy being pursued by him.

The book ?Islamic Spirit in the Life of Uzbeks?, which is completed in Uzbek, Arabic and English languages by the scientists of Tashkent Islamic University enables us to have a clear image of that state policy.

It includes about 16 decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 48 resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted in 1990-2005 on the improvement of religions activities, as well as speeches of the President delivered at international conferences and meetings and references taken from his publications.

Furthermore, it enables us to have a clear image of the state policy on the provision of the freedom of worship with the help of 255 photos and changes in the sphere by means of chronological calendar.

Restoring rich spiritual heritage of our ancestors, preserving sacred values and fostering the younger generation in the spirit of devotion to them is, indeed, our spiritual wealth and the source of our power.

From this point of view, the policy of Uzbekistan in the struggle against the evil forces, which try to rule over tolerant Islam camouflaging with it, has become a priority. The views of the President Islam Karimov on the matter mentioned above are a true proof of this reality.

State and public institution officials, who delivered various speeches, scholars, the representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps and international organizations accentuated that ?Islamic Spirit in the Life of Uzbeks? has great value in understanding of true essence of policy of Uzbekistan in the field of religion and its adequate estimation.

In particular, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Uzbekistan F.Muhametshin in his statement has noted, that people of Uzbekistan who live in peace on the basis of commonwealth, represents a vivid example of preservation multi confessional consent, unconditional secular statehood.

In his opinion, result of the purposeful policy spent by the president Islam Karimov which provide and the guarantor of maintenance of a freedom of conscience, the statement of conditions of religious tolerance, development of the educated Islam against religious extremism and the international terrorism.

Other participants have especially emphasized the important role of the given book helps in all-round and deep acquaintance of the wide public, domestic and foreign readers with both systematic and consistent policy in the field of religion carried out in our country and its concrete practical results.


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