October 29, 2013
Uzbek Cotton Growers Have Harvested 3.35 million tons of Cotton
Large-scale reforms implemented under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, produced notable results. This year Uzbek farmers in order to fulfill contractual obligations have harvested the cotton crop in time, before the rainy days, and the quality of the cotton is particularly high.

This year, cotton growers of our country have collected 3.35 million tons of cotton. The average yield amounted to 26.4 tons per hectare, an increase compared to the previous year, and over 90% of the crop is of high grades.

On this occasion, the President of our country, Islam Karimov has congratulated cotton farmers and all workers of the republic: \"Dear friends!

Today, for the country\'s agriculture, all our people happy day - Uzbekistan\'s cotton growers won a great victory, having harvested more than 3 million 350 thousand tons of cotton.

It gives me pleasure to heartily congratulate cotton growers and all rural workers, who have made a truly great contribution to the further improvement of living standards and welfare of the people, the sustainable development of our economy and the country as a whole. Our people are well aware of and appreciate the fact that this was achieved primarily thanks to the hard work of our farmers - the real masters of their craft, scientists and specialists who have devoted their lives to cotton growing.

Anyone who knows how to grow cotton, and to provide a rich harvest, understands how much effort and labor is required for the preparation of the land and seeds, tireless care for every cotton bush, battling with the bad weather, various plant diseases and agricultural pests, solving many other problems. Only people with a strong will, who are true professionals and love their work are capable of all this.

If we talk about this year’s season, we all remember that in April the temperature was much lower than usual, due to heavy and prolonged rains planting was late for 5-7 days, and in May for 20-25 days there was an excess of moisture in the soil, which slowed the germination and growth of cotton. In July and August the temperature was higher than normal by 8 -10 degrees in the southern region reaches 45-50 degrees, and all of this was accompanied by strong sand wind and storms, the proliferation of various agricultural pests and plant growth diseases, which naturally, had a negative impact on the development of cotton, and in fact, jeopardized the crop.

With all these difficult conditions the results achieved this year by our cotton growers is even more important and valuable and rightfully deserve the highest admiration.

In this regard, I think it would be appropriate to express a thought: since ancient times, cotton is considered a symbol of white color and spiritual purity . And only people with a pure mind and a beautiful soul can grow it. I am sure all of you will agree with me that the cotton is the result of hard work, self-dedication.

Dear compatriots!

It is no secret that in agriculture, especially in the conditions of Uzbekistan, the quality of the soil is crucial, so far, the decisive factor is the land-improvement of lands under crop. In our country over the last five years in the course of a special state program, 1 million 460 thousand hectares of irrigated land has been improved, to which 1 trillion soums (Currency rates of CB from 29.10.2013 1$=2173.94 soums), were spent. This has created a solid foundation for improving the efficiency of agriculture, in particular, the growth of productivity in the cotton industry in this period from 24 quintals to 26.4 quintals per hectare.

It should be noted that due to a large-scale works in the years of independence, carried out to grow early maturing and high-yielding varieties of cotton, corresponding to soil and climatic conditions of each region of the country.

This year, timely and proper conduct of defoliation on a systematic basis, as well as the awareness of the value of this agro-technical measures, have given tangible results.

Undoubtedly, the most important prerequisite for this victory is a great emphasis to the human factor, the constant increase of interest of the villagers to the outcome of their work, strengthening in them of the sense of ownership of the land.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the valuable contribution to the country\'s rich cotton crop of all workers from all regions of Uzbekistan, particularly the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Navoi, Andijan, Fergana and Bukhara regions that are efficient work the first to fulfill the contractual obligations.

A model for many farmers were the farmers of Amudarya, Ellikkala, Shahrihon, Tashlak, Uchkuprik, Vabkent, Karshi, Navbahor, Uychi, Pap, Narpay, Sherabad, Kumkurgan, Buka, Gurlen districts who fulfilled the scheduled in 20-25 working days.

Dear friends!

We are well aware that the end result of all our actions and efforts in the agriculture is for our farmers to get a decent income from their labor, to increase the level and quality of life of the population.

In this context, it is of particular interest that since independence the country has been steadily growing the volume of cotton fiber processing on the basis of the most modern technologies and export of products produced from it with high added value.

If in 90s only 7 percent of the cotton grown in Uzbekistan in the country was processed, over the past period, it increased by almost 6 times and is now around 40 percent.

According to preliminary estimates, this year the gross income from cotton production will exceed 3 trillion 100 billion soums – by 23 percent more than last year, which in turn will raise the interest of farmers for the results of their labor, the effective implementation of the tasks outlined in the \" Year of well-being and prosperity\" and other national programs.

My dear compatriots!

Today, sincerely congratulating You once again, farmers, mechanics, agronomists and plant breeders and other industry professionals and all those who have made a worthy contribution to the high cotton harvest, would like to express with all my heart my deep respect and the best wishes.

In these happy moments we thank God for he protects our people, gives us success and prosperity.

May there be peace and tranquility in our country, and may our sky be clear and clean!

Health and happiness to you, my dear, let the fruits of your honest labor will bring wealth and abundance to your families\".


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