October 17, 2013
In Anticipation of Surprises
Journalists get briefed on the details of the 3rd International Film Forum, which takes place within the Art Week Style.UZ 2013.

The contest program of the \'Golden Guepard\' make 34 full-length, short and animated films, which were selected from 500 films applied. This year the contest has six categories: \'The best animated film\', \'The best short film\', \'The best actress\', \'The best director\', \'The best full-length film\', and \'The best actor.\'

No less rich is the out-of-contest program, within which will be screened French, Indian, Czech films, and the documentary \'Vector Realities\', as well as organized the National People\'s Film Festival for films produced by nongovernmental studios.

The star-studded jury includes the winner of the Cannes Film Festival ZhangYuan from China, a famous Russian film director Vladimir Khotinenko, a famous Bollywood film maker Umesh Mehra. These and many other masters of cinematography, familiar to almost everyone, not only estimate the selected films, but also share their working methods and the ways of implementation of creative ideas.

\"The main feature of this film forum is that a focus is made to the educational component of the \'Golden Guepard.\' The Film Forum, as we know, each year brings together the leading figures of the film industry from around the world, and this time also the talented youth, who chose this field of activity, will have a unique opportunity to learn not only the theory but also practical experience of international stars,\" commented the director general of the Film Forum, Akbar Khakimov.

\"At the international conference \"National cinema in a global world\" together with experts we will discuss the development tendencies in different countries, will exchange views on the good and the bad of domestic and foreign films.\"

In anticipation of the upcoming \'cinematographic boom\' their opinions expressed the directors, who represent Uzbekistan in the main contest program:

\"My work \"The Garden\" is devoted to perhaps the most traditional and close to many viewers the inner search. On the example of the story of a teacher who on the abandoned land tries to lay a garden a deep sense of the film is revealed. Work in the garden is like a chance to correct the mistakes of life,\" said the director Sobir Nazarmukhamedov.

\"I hope that not only the jury, but the audience will understand the main idea and see the good in this film.\"

The selection of films that continued during the whole summer turned quite difficult for the members of the selection committee:

\"Lots of great works we have got from abroad, but, alas, the rules limit the number of participating films in the contest. In particular, I can more fully talk about me selection of short films as I participated in that process,\" shared his impressions one of the members of the selection committee, a talented filmmaker, winner of international festivals, Ayub Shahobitdinov. \"The main advantage of the short film is that in 20 minutes it is possible to tell a very interesting story. Many coped with this task who applied for this category of the \'Golden Guepard.\' It is so glad to know that beginning film makers from far countries such as Peru and Australia sent their works. During the summer we watched about 300 short films, and I think it\'s some kind of record. Basing on the contest of the films we saw, we are happy to come to the conclusion that the trend of today is to shoot short films on the theme of humanity, tolerance, friendship and mutual understanding. More filmmakers get focused on these aspects of the life of individuals and society.

For refraining similar contestants, we tried to choose \'polar\' themes.

Thus, a kind of radical solution, alternative to films with the abovementioned themes - the works of directors whose creativity is close to the work of the cinema guru Andrei Tarkovsky. The symbolism in these films gets focused on rather interesting images of main characters. The quality of directing of contestant is quite high as well.

From my own experience I know how exciting to be involved in such activities, and therefore I wish each contestant good luck, and all the participants - fruitful work in the film forum.\"

Location of the \'Golden Guepard\' gets wider as well. This year, as a part of the Film Forum will be organized meetings with spectators in Samarqand, which means more people can learn about the modern film industry, and the audience will get a chance to see the newest, high-quality films.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)


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