August 30, 2013
We Turn 22!
On September 1, our nation celebrates its major holiday, the Independence Day

For 22 years, a rather short period of time in human and even more so secular yardsticks, Uzbekistan has already achieved quite much.

Having embarked on the path of independent development, choosing the principle \'Reforms are not for the sake of reforms, but for the people\' as a top priority put forward by the head of state, the country has managed to manifest itself with dignity. Thus, today, in hindsight, we can declare with confidence: Uzbekistan has overcome a distance that equals centuries. We all mark this holiday with pride and joy, since the advancement of the nation is always the work, care, merit and achievement, without exaggeration, of every person living in the Uzbek land.

The 22nd anniversary has been inscribed in the annals of Uzbekistan\'s modern history under the sign of the Year of Wellbeing and Prosperity by no mere chance. A new, independent state that started its way from scratch today provides for a peaceful and prosperous I ife to its people, to al I citizens, working people for the benefit of the motherland. The country develops manufacture, creates new jobs, extends economic capacity, improves social security system, provides ample access to education and health care, reforms all spheres of society. It is very important that all this tremendous work is carried out in the interests of citizens, is imbued with concern for the common people, their well-being, tranquility, and the bright tomorrow. The strategy defined by the head of state, known as the \'Uzbek model\' has played an important role in this process. Its implementation ensured a smooth transition phase of the reformation period, formed the basis of the national statehood and enabled the democratic renewal and upgrade. Each of the stages of Uzbekistan\'s development was filled with deep meaning, and each year of sovereign development was a piece of the puzzle, which builds up a beautiful picture of an independent republic.

These days the country is actively getting prepared to welcome the holiday. A special state program was approved to celebrate the date, including beautification and charity events, subject meetings, holiday concerts, contests and competitions. On the threshold of the holiday the President handled national awards to those whodistinguished themselves in various spheres. Commissioning of new, modern buildings and social facilities is another tradition of the holiday. A national charity khashar (volunteer community work), which brought thousands of Uzbeks together, was held last weekend throughout the country. Public rehearsals of the main celebrations come to a close at the Alisher Navoi National Park.

The people welcome the greatest and the dearest holiday. Today, on the eve of Independence Day, Uzbekistan Today reporters offer the readers the chronicle of important and significant achievements of Uzbekistan presented through people and facts at its 22-year turn.


Head of the Mahmud Ismatov breeding farm in Qashqadaryo region\'s Ghuzor district has been awarded the title of Honored Breeder of Uzbekistan on the eve of the 22nd anniversary of the independence.

Mahmud Ismatov devoted his entire professional career to breeding of pedigree sheep: he started his career as a worker of a breeding economy, and grew to the head of one of the country\'s largest pedigree breeding farms. He believes his potential was empowered by independence.

\"Our economy was established in the early nineties on the basis of the former breeding factory. At that time it was a necessary step to preserve this necessary and important business for the country\'s agriculture. All these transformations required huge efforts from our team and me as a leader, because now the government has fully entrusted us with the fate of the economy,\" says Mahmud Ismatov. \"In addition, we started working in conditions of a market economy. This requires not only basic knowledge of animal husbandry, but also managerial and entrepreneurial skills.\"

To date, Ghuzor comprises 90,000 hectares of steppe rangelands, 90 herds with 47 thousand heads of sheep. There are several breeds of sheep, including meat and astrakhan breeds. There are also goats, horses, camels, but they serve as assistants for shepherds.

Annually, the farm supplies the market with 30 tons of meat, 600 quintals of wool and karakul lambskin. However, Mahmud Ismatov considers the preservation of the gene pool and breeding of the best breeds of sheep as the main focus of his activities.


Nearly 22,000 operations have been carried out by Zulpiya Maksudova, head of Emergency Microsurgery and Eye Injury Department of Tashkent Municipal Emergency Aid Hospital over her professional career. This is the main reason to confer her on the title of Honored Worker of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of independence.

The professional carries out a variety of operations that help saving the sight after injury. Many of them Zulpiya Maksudova had to perform for the first time.

\"I have been working at the department since 1981, and I have been heading it since 1985,\" says Zulpiya Maksudova. \"I have always considered the improvement of medical care through the adoption of advanced technologies as my professional task. Over the years of my work at the department I have introduced almost all of microsurgery and reconstructiveoperations that are applied in trauma and acute urgent conditions. This has considerably improved the results of treatment, and reduced the healing time of wounds.\"

Zulpiya Maksudova notes the rapid development of the department over the past few years thanks to the state support: \"Surgery microscopes and many other diagnostic and therapeutic tools were installed in the department over the years of independence. We assign a special part to staff training. In collaboration with medical schools of the country we have trained young professionals who perform the most complicated operations. Regular internships of our doctors in foreign clinics promote professional development.\"

Today Emergency Microsurgery and Eye Injury Department of Tashkent Municipal

Emergency Aid Hospital is considered one of the best ophthalmology branches of the healthcare system. This is where many cutting edge high-tech methods of medical aid have been introduced in the national practice. For example, this is the only department so far to handle the technology of treatment of optic nerve atrophy, which gives good results in the restoration of sight.

Peers of Independence

The financial institution is able to maintain foreign operations of domestic trade companies, promote the export potential of the country, and attract foreign investment and advanced technologies in the economy of Uzbekistan at the level of international standards. NBU is a trademark of the country\'s banking system in international financial markets. Over the years of independence, the Bank financed the projects on deep restructuring of the economy. The list includes the projects on extraction and processing of oil and metals, agricultural machinery, chemicals and mineral fertilizers, textiles, agro-processing, tourism, air and rail transport, communications, development of small business and entrepreneurship, and many other projects that build the new face of the Uzbek economy. National Bank was the first in Uzbekistan and Central Asia to shift to a new chart of accounts in accordance with international accounting standards.


The state flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan was approved in 1991, symbolizing the sovereignty. Symbolism of the National Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan continues the best traditions peculiar to the flags of powerful states that existed on the territory of Uzbekistan and, at the same time, reflects the natural features of the republic, national and cultural identity of the people.

Sky blue color on the flag is a symbol of blue sky and clean water. Azure color is revered in the East, it was chosen once by the great Amir Temur for his flag. White color is a symbol of peace and purity; it means a good wish of clean and bright way. The green color symbolizes the fertile nature. The global movement on protection of the environment is currently expanding, and the green color is also the symbol of it. Red stripes are the life power which pulses in every living creature; it is a symbol of life. Crescent corresponds to a centuries-old tradition of the Uzbek people. The crescent and stars are a cloudless sky. There are 12 stars on our flag. Number 12 is considered a sign of perfection.


The institute was established in May 1991. Today it runs such departments as Technology of Inorganic Substances, Technology of Production of Organic Compounds and Fuels, Technology of Food and Grain Products, Management and Vocational Education.

Over the years of operation, the nstitute has made significant progress n training of highly qualified staff. For 22 years it has graduated about 22,000 professionals who are currently working in enterprises of various sectors of the economy, for there are hardly the manufactures without chemical technologies. Establishment of several enterprises is closely related to the activity of the Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute

. For instance, the institute has been purposefully training specialists to provide qualified staff for new large domestic enterprises like Dehqonobod Potash Plant, Qo\'nghirot Soda Plant. Last year it started training staff for Ustyurt Gas and Chemical Complex, which is currently under construction.

The Institute is actively developing unique technologies, creates new materials to be used in chemistry, energy, construction, medicine, computer science, metallurgy, and other fields. For example, the scientists of the institute developed the first national transplant, very similar to the bone in its composition. 14 creamery companies introduced a technology of production of low-gossypol meal, which can be used as livestock feed. The list of examples is quite broad... Today the Institute carries out an extensive work under the Program on Upgrade of Higher Education Institutions and Radical Improvement of the Staff Training System. The Institute projects the reconstruction and overhaul of almost all buildings. Creation of a new research laboratory is already underway.


This is the principle of Munisa Sanakulova, the five-fold champion of Uzbekistan, winner of Zulfiya State Award.

Her story began 22 years ago in Samarqand. In her hometown this slender but very brave girl took the first steps in her sporting Since childhood this .till and ambitious oriental beauty used to lead in everything. When her mother brought a seven-year-old daughter to a karate class, Munisa was delighted: she needed to protect her little brother, for he is the youngest one among the three sisters. Of course, there was no any need to protect Madaminbek, but the responsible elder sister did not give up her classes, and spent most of her free time on the mat. In the very beginning, being a child, she had no idea that the martial art would change her life. At first, it was not easy to combine school classes and constant training. Now, the sport is a state of mind for Munisa.

Despite the fact that the sport takes much of Munisa\'s time, she has studied perfectly always. Versatile and erudite, she is in constant creative search. In 2010, she won the regional stage of the republican competition in native language and literature, won the contest the Top Reader, and successfully performed at the contest Connoisseurs of Law. Her success was noticed, so in 2010 Munisa Sanakulova became the holder of one of the most prestigious awards, Zulfiya State Award.

She tells of her success with a special thrill. Being the laureate of the great poetess, in li-i op č mom i\' i lmj i-,p\'nubility. The victory was a motivation for further advances. Having entered one of the country\'s most prestigious institutes thanks to the award, she embarked on intensive learning of foreign languages. Upon graduating from the Journalism Department, she plans to get a second degree in one of the international universities, and continue scientific activities. Success in everything is the motto, which this girl, peer of the country\'s independence, carries throughout her Life.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)


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