August 26, 2013
Senate approves several laws
The twelfth plenary session of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan started its work in Tashkent on 22 August 2013.

Senators started their work with discussion of the issue “On measures on neutralization of catastrophic impact to ecology and health of people of production activities of the Tajik enterprise TALCO” based on materials submitted by Ecologic Movement of Uzbekistan and institutes of civil society to upper house of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan. During the discussion, it was noted that the Tajik Aluminum Plant was commissioned in Tursunzada, Tajikistan, in 1975. The enterprise has old equipment and ineffective cleaning system and it annually emits 22,000-23,000 tonnes of pollution to atmosphere, including 200 tonnes of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, dangerous and harmful pollutant. Large part of these pollutants move to the bordering territories of Uzbekistan like Denau, Sariosiyo, Uzun and other districts of Surkhandarya region. In the result, the content of ous hydrogen fluoridein the atmospheric air exceeds the maximum permissible concentration by 1.8-2 times on average in the northern regions of Surkhandarya region and by 3.4 times in summer times.

The session said that Tajik Aluminum Plant is worsening ecologic situation in northern districts of surkhandarya region and Tursunzada district of Tajikistan and destroying ecosystem of the region.

It was said that TALCO emissions with high content of other toxic gases - carbon oxide, sulfur, hydrocarbons and other pollutants adversely impact health of nearly 1 million people, who densely living in the region. Number of people, suffering from chronic endocrine, endocrine diseases, upper respiratory tract, congenital anomalies and dental fluorosis, and cancer is increasing in the region. Senators expressed concern with the growth of stillbirths and pathological disorders among children. The sickness rate of children and adults on pathological disorders in these areas is 3 times higher compared the average number in Surkhandarya region.

The plant also damages rural areas of the region. The pollutions of TALCO harm atmosphere, soil and water resources. It decreases production of fruits and vegetables, grape and silk.

The session said that despite conclusions of international ecologic organizations, applications of the state bodies and public organizations, including Ecologic Movement of Uzbekistan, TALCO is not undertaking measures on changing specialization, modernization of production or installation of purification facilities. The plant violates general principles and norms of international law, requirements of the UN documents on environment protection and intergovernmental agreements on this issue.

At the same time, TALCO fully ignores requirements of international community, which calls to adopt necessary measures on halting pollution of environment, worsening situation in the region. The session noted that representatives of parliament of Belgium, Latvia and UNEP, several ecological organizations of Europe and Asia also expressed concern with harmful impact of TALCO activities to environment and health of people.

The Senators noted Uzbekistan adopts measures to decrease harmful impact of industrial pollution of TALCO. In last three years, the Uzbek districts were equipped with modern medical equipment and some 50 rural medical points were created. It is also planned to implement additional measures within the action programme on environment protection of Uzbekistan for 2013-2017, adopted by the Government.

After the discussions, the Senate adopted a resolution, which envisages implementation of measures on neutralization and mitigation of negative impact of TALCO emissions to health of people and environment, improvement of environment conditions in the region, mobilization of resources and attraction of attention of ecologic organizations and the UN agencies, the foreign governments.

The resolution underlined that problems of trans-boundary pollution can and should be solved in line with common principles and norms of international law, international documents and decisions of the UN.

The Senators expressed their assurance that from solving of these issue depends lives and health of hundreds of thousand citizens of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, fate of future generation, who will live and work in the region.

Afterwards, Senators considered a draft law “On pledge registrar”, developed in line with the presidential decree “On measures on further cardinal improvement of business environment and providing further freedom to entrepreneurship” from 18 July 2012 and presidential order “On measures on implementation of priority directions of the Concept on further deepening democratic reforms and forming civil society in the country in sphere of deepening democratic market reforms and liberalizing economy” from 14 January 2011.

The law was developed to improve procedures on registration of credits, expansion of access to credit resources for small businesses through introducing the pledge registrar for pledged property and decreasing risks of commercial banks. The law will help to improve business environment and develop entrepreneurship.

Senators considered the law “On combating the spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection”, which is aimed at improving legal norms directed at increasing efficiency and quality of measures on combating spread of HIV infection and protection population from it.

The law will help to improve expansion of legal basis on implementation of effective measures in the area.

After the Senators considered a law “On conformity assessment”, directed at further improving legislation in certification and standardization of products, works and services, ensure safety, quality and competitiveness of products.

It was said that several laws “On technical regulation”, “On certification of products and services”, “On standardization”, “On metrology and departmental acts regulate relation in this area. Adoption of single legal base in this area will strengthen common legal base on assessment system, including national accreditation.

Senators approved a law “On introduction of changes and amendments, as well as abolishment of some legislative acts of Uzbekistan”, which is directed at improving business environment and activities of farms.

The law introduces changes and amendments to Tax Code, Customs Code, Economic Procedural Code, Labour Code, Criminal Code, Code of administrative liability, law “On farm activities”, law “On employment of population”, etc.

Senators stated that the law will improve business environment and develop entrepreneurship activity, create necessary conditions for farms, social protection of population.

The first day of the twelfth session of the Senate ended. (Source: Uzdaily.com)


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