August 23, 2013
Mahalla, the Bedrock of Society
Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, a particular emphasis is placed in our country on perfecting the organizational base of the activities of the institution of mahalla, enhancing the scales of objectives it is tasked with, cementing interaction with government and management bodies – efforts successful in terms of practical results.

Some ten thousand citizens’ self-government bodies operate in our country. As an outcome of the consistent adherence of the principle “From Strong State to Robust Civil Society”, the role and status of mahalla in the society has been mounting to a remarkable extent.

Activists of citizens’ self-government bodies have been effectively addressing such challenges as boosting the social infrastructure within the territory of a given mahalla, consolidating the stability of the socio-spiritual atmosphere, the interethnic friendship and harmony, nurturing the youth in the spirit of love for the Motherland and devotion to the ideas of independence, the social support for the population and assistance in employment. The mahalla is a reliable backbone for the implementation of democratic reforms designed to ensure the wellbeing of the people.

Therefore, issues concerning the further perfection of activities of citizens’ self-government bodies and expansion of their rights and powers are in the core of attention in our country. The State Program “The Year of Wellbeing and Prosperity” outlines essential measures directed at comprehensive development of the institution of mahalla.

The Decree of President Islam Karimov on awarding a group of people in the system of citizens’ self-government bodies, signed on July 24, 2013, constitutes another brilliant manifestation of attention and care of our state for this sphere, of a well-deserved appreciation of the work of selfless activists of mahallas who have been laboring effectively in this system.

In the capital’s Turkiston Palace, a group of personnel of the system who have made a considerable input into the formation of civil society in the country, into securing social support for the population, the consolidation of interethnic friendship and harmony, the stability of socio-spiritual environment in mahallas, into fostering the youth in the spirit of devotion to the native land and independence ideas, were awarded high rewards in accordance with this Decree of President Islam Karimov.

Anvar Ahmedov, Chairman of Board of the Mahalla Charity Public Fund of Uzbekistan, and others noted that the measures aimed at the further enhancement of wide-ranging reforms being undertaken under the leadership of President Islam Karimov and directed at cementing stability, peace and harmony in the country, at a full realization of potential of our people, have been yielding their remarkable results. The elevation of the role and standing of citizens’ self-government bodies in this process serves to provide for peace, prosperity and welfare in mahallas.

The expansion of powers and tasks of the system on the base of the new edition of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Citizens’ Self-Government Bodies” approved 22 April this year and that envisages targeted social support for population, assistance for bolstering small business and private entrepreneurship, family business and craftsmanship in particular, in the given territory, implementation of public scrutiny of the activities of government bodies raises the effectiveness of works on this front.

The economic and technical capacities of citizens’ self-government bodies have been augmented in order to create necessary conditions for an effective realization of tasks assigned to citizens’ self-government bodies. The buildings of some two hundred citizens’ assemblies have undergone cardinal overhaul this year by the Mahalla Charity Public Fund. Almost seven hundred citizens’ assemblies have been granted PC complexes, while around eight hundred were provided with necessary furniture. In excess of thirty modern mahalla guzars have been constructed and commissioned. More than a hundred children’s playgrounds have been built in mahallas, while some five hundred such squares were repaired.

“To love and guard the native Uzbekistan as the apple of the eye, and selflessly labor in the name of its prosperity is a duty of every person living in this sacred land,” asserts Tojibar Yuldasheva, holder of the El-Yurt Hurmati Order, consultant for religious enlightenment and spiritual-ethical education of the Shahrikhonsoy township citizens’ assembly in Andijan region’s Khojaabad district. “I am pretty glad that my humble work has been rewarded by such a high appreciation by the head of our state. This Decree signed by our President is another practical manifestation of the high attention and care for the development of mahallas, for our compatriots living in them. The high award of the Motherland inspires us to work even more productively for the prosperity of the country and wellbeing of our people.”

The event included a concert show with the participation of masters of art and young performers.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoev delivered a speech at the occasion.

(Source: UzA – Uzbekistan national news agency)


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