June 25, 2013
Sericulture development underway throughout the country
Silkworm breeders of Uzbekistan have produced more than 25,000 tons of cocoons this year.

Development of sericulture is of great economical and social importance, as it allows to quickly create jobs without significant capital investment. Uzbekistan, with its favorable natural and climatic conditions for cultivation of silkworm cocoons, has been implementing a range of measures for the development of this sector in recent years. For example, certain work is being done to develop new breeds of silkworm, bring the quality of silk fiber to international standards, and continue the upgrade of processing facilities.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan, this season more than 45,000 farms have fattened more than 447,000 boxes of silkworm eggs and received an average of 57.5 kilograms of the crop. Farms in Kattaqurghon, Narpay, Qumqurghon, Denov, Gijduvon, Jondor, Kasbi, Koson, Beshariq, Baghdod, Buka, Yuqorichirchiq, Amudaryo, Beruni districts harvested 60-66 pounds of valuable raw materials from each box of silkworm eggs.

The list of record breakers is headed by Aralbay farming enterprise of Chimboy district, where each box of silkworm eggs brought 83 kg of silver thread, Nizom Tong Shabadasi farm of Jalalquduq district with 82 kg, Uliasar Jalolhon farm of Mirzachul district - with 76 kg, and Haydar Bobo Bobomurodov farm of Koson district – with 75 kg of raw silk.

The progress was achieved through the implementation of a range of measures. Special working groups were established in the regions of the country to promptly address the problems of silkworm breeders.

Besides, cotton reception centers of Uzpakhtasanoat cotton association allocated 196 specialized facilities for fattening silkworm caterpillars. Advanced farming measures were taken at existing mulberry plantations, and 1,100 hectares of intensive mulberry were laid. Financial incentives for silkworm breeders are another factor of success. The procurement price of cocoons increased by average 35%, and 40% of payment of the total estimated harvest was issued in the beginning of the season as an advance.

Foreign investors mention the attractiveness of the domestic sericulture sector. For instance, Radiant Silk joint venture deals with the development of modern sericulture complex in Qashqadaryo region, and the Singaporean VERIGROW PTE. LTD. Company - in Namangan.


Silk is a unique material which is widely used in many industries, even in the specific ones like aviation industry. It differs from conventional textile materials with solidity, tensility, heat resistance, lightness and hygienic properties.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)

International Airport \"Bukhara\" is recognized as \"The best Airport of the year in CIA countries\"

International Airport “Bukhara” once again became the winner of the prestige award of the “Airport” association of CA in the nomination of “The best Airport of the year in CIA countries”.

Bukhara airport takes part in this competition for the fifth time and repeatedly has become the winner in different nominations. At this time the air harbor was named \"The Best Airport of the year in CIS countries\" for performance in 2012, among airports carrying from one hundred to five hundred thousand passengers a year. In this category also nine other airports had competed.

Similar positive results were achieved through the coordinated work of all the services of the airport. Production figures of Bukhara air harbor is being improved year by year, there operates a modern airport terminal, which meets all international requirements, and passengers are provided with a high level of ground handling services. (Source: Uzreport agency)


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