May 27, 2013
Schoolchildren Leave for Summer Vacations
The farewell bell rings May 25 in all general schools of the country.

Today, the schools sum up the results of the last academic year, students have their annual estimates, end-of-the-year and graduation exams are conducted, and ninth-graders are prepared for enrolling to professional colleges and academic lyceums. Uzbekistan Today reporters, together with the Ministry of Public Education, summed up the results of the outgoing year.

Within new walls

Large-scale works are being carried out on consolidating the economic and technical capacities of schools. In 2012, was repaired and reconstructed 363 schools and 14 built. This year, construction works are going on in 381 schools. New learning blocks and sports halls are getting constructed in many schools that create favorable conditions for qualitative training of children.

Much attention is paid to refurbishing classrooms with advanced teaching equipments. As a result, the number of schools with modern rooms of physics, chemistry and biology reached 81.2%, computer classes - 73.4%, new sports goods - 66%. By the end of this year, different school equipments have been delivered in more than two thousand schools.

In equipping schools special attention is paid to the foreign language classrooms. In the study of languages schools use 9,870 computer classes, 4,692 video projectors and 1,068 language laboratories. In addition, standards are developed and approved on equipping the foreign language classrooms. According to this document, in the near future schools will receive computers, projectors, white boards, TV tuners for computers, as well as interactive boards.

Taught in school…

Leading specialists in the education system get focused on the issues of improving the content of the learning process.

Today, the availability of school textbooks is almost 100%. Much attention is paid to the upgrade of textbooks as well. If in the 2012-2013 school year was published and republished 282 titles of textbooks, then the next this number 364.

The biggest news in the work on the content of the learning process is linked with that starting from the new academic year schools will teach foreign languages from the first grade. In quite short period of time with the involvement of foreign experts there have been developed the state educational standards for teaching foreign languages. The requirements are defined to the level of preparedness of graduates of all stages of education. Today they meet the requirements of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

Learning, Teaching, Assessment” (CEFR). The preparations of schools are in progress for the work on the new standards of learning English, German and French languages. Each school received a set of teaching tools, including textbooks, teachers’ guides and CDs with multimedia resources. The works are being implemented on the improvement of the human resource capacity of schools by retraining teachers in practice and employment of new from among graduates of higher education institutions. Discovering talents Out-of-school education institutions are a good help for schools in revealing the talents of schoolchildren. That is why their development is a priority of the Ministry. In 2009-2012 within the program were commissioned 175 children’s music and art schools, 71 of which were new, and in 104 schools were done major reconstructions. This year the list of renovated schools of music and art will include other more 55. New and renovated leaning blocks are equipped with the most advanced training equipments - musical instruments, stage and concert facilities, and tools for crafts workshops. Action plan is being carried out step by step on the development of Barkamol Avlod Children’s Creativity Center. Today, similar centers are available in every town, every district. In total, 211 centers operate in the country, which run 24,162 hobby clubs, and attended by more than 100 thousand youngsters. Children now have more opportunities for attending sports clubs. In the outgoing academic year 92 children’s sport objects have been put into operation. All in all Schoolchildren please their parents and teachers not only with good academic performance. 40 youngsters have been awarded prizes at various international competitions of children’s creativity. 707 schoolchildren participated in international sports competitions, and won 81 gold, 61silver and 62 bronze medals. (Source: “Uzbekistan today” newspaper)


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