May 27, 2013
Domestic roads integrate into international system of communications
Strategy of Integrated Development There is a plan in Uzbekistan this year to build and reconstruct 526km of roads to four-lane motor road at the level of international standards.

According to experts, a considerable work to improve the road network in accordance with international standards, the integration of local transport links to the international road network was done in the republic.

It was decided in 2010 to enhance and improve the transport infrastructure in the country to establish a system of national highways and a program for the construction and renovation 2.306km of roads in 2011-2015. Of these, 474km - with concrete covering, 1.832km - with asphalt concrete pavement, and creation of 1.910 meters of bridges and overpasses and 7 interchanges, included into the Uzbek national highway.

The figures speak eloquently about the dynamics of the road construction work: in 2006 construction and renovation work on the 241km of roads with two-way traffic were carried out, then in 2013, the construction and reconstruction of 526km of roads to four-lane were provided, of which 150km - cement concrete pavement and 376km - with asphalt concrete pavement. While in 2006 for this work has been allocated 31.6 billion soums (Currency rates of CB from 27.05.2013 1$=2077.92soums), in 2013 - more than 1.26 trillion soums.

The amount of funds allocated by the National Road Fund for the repair and maintenance of roads of international, national and local importance was significantly increased. In 2011, 100 billion soums were allocated to this, in this year - 365 billion soums.

As noted at the press conference, this year from the fund for major repairs 210.3km of roads of international and national importance allocated 260 billion soums and repair 202km of roads of local importance - 90.8 billion soums.

Considerable attention was paid this year to repairs of 239km of roads of being built 353 rural residential communities of individual houses on model projects. For these purposes, 47.8 billion soums were allocated.

To carry out such a large-scale construction company in the country a program was adopted in 2010 on modernization of the road sector for 2012-2015. The document provides for the purchase of 444 units of modern technology and the modernization of 24 production bases of enterprises roads. Thus, only in 2013 it is planned to purchase 119 units of road vehicles and modernize 24 production bases of enterprises roads.

(Source: “Uzbekistan today” newspaper)

Imports to be Labeled under New Rules

Uzbekistan has approved a list of certain types of imported consumer goods subject to mandatory labeling in the state language starting from 1 July 2013.

Subject to mandatory labeling are only goods that of consumer packaging materials, containers and is part of the goods included in the cost, which they went directly to the retail trade.

The marking affixed on the consumer package must contain a list of the main consumer, including specific properties, date of manufacture, manufacturer\'s warranties, terms and conditions of use, service life, information on how to proceed on the consumer end of this period, as well as possible consequences of non-compliance with these actions, the address of the manufacturer (performer, seller) and their authorized companies to accept claims from the customer, as well as carrying out repair and maintenance, methods and rules for storage and utilization.

Depending on the type of product and technical information on its label and supporting maintenance documentation will be provided to the consumer in the form of a text document (passport, Form, Application Guide) attached directly to a specific product. Marking of the goods obtained from genetically modified foods should contain appropriate information.

To note, prior to 1 January 2014 it will be allowed in the country to sell at retail mark-free in the official language the consumer goods placed under the customs regime of temporary storage until 1 July 2013 and released for free circulation after 1 July 2013 and goods released for free circulation before 1 July 2013.

In addition, products that are labeled in Uzbekistan in the official language and released for free circulation before 1 July 2013 are allowed to sell at retail with these markings before 1 January 2014.


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