May 22, 2013
The World’s Kurashists Vie for the Prize of Uzbekistan President
Dedicated to the memory of Hakim at-Termezi, the 11th kurash international tournament for the prize of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has taken place in the city of Termez.

At the opening ceremony of the tournament, the hokim of Surkhandarya region N.Choriev, the President of the International Kurash Association K.Yusupov, member of the International Olympic Committee Iren Szewinska of Poland and other speakers noted in particular that as one of the most appealing and mass types of sports, kurash has been enthusiastically developing throughout the world. It was stressed that the international kurash competitions held in all continents have been helping discover numerous young athletes, and that this sport facilitates the consolidation of friendship, unity and harmony among peoples.

Preparations had been energetic in Surkhandarya for the 11th international tournament for the prize of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in tribute to the memory of Hakim at-Termezi. The massive stadium of the Surkhon Sports Complex that seats ten thousand spectators has again gathered kurashists of the world for the contest.

Athletes from nearly thirty nations have competed at the two-day challenge that proved intense and hardnosed.

“The wide-ranging efforts being undertaken in our country designed to promote sports deserve a high appreciation,” says the world kurash champion among veterans Kuldosh palvan Khudoykulov from Surkhandarya. “When we were young, the national kurash used to be organized only at wedding parties and folk festivities. And today, under the leadership of the head of our state, this sport is being learned throughout the world with a keen interest. Worthy of attention also is the organization of major kurash contests and tournaments and the global popularization of such terms as “halol”, “chala” and “yonbosh”.”

During independence years, kurash has turned into an international sport. Rather indicative of this is the fact that as many as 121 countries have acceded to the International Kurash Association for the past period of time, and that world champs and international tournaments have been organized every year in various continents and countries. A kurash world championship among adults is due this October in the French capital Paris. That kurash has been included in the program of the 4th Asian Indoor Games and in martial arts forthcoming in the South Korean city of Incheon from June 29 to July 6 is suggestive of the mounting popularity of our national sport across the globe.

“Kurash has been growing into a favorite occupation also for the South Korean youths,” says Cho Heung Keung, member of the Incheon 2013 Asian Games organizing committee. “The introduction of kurash into the program of Asian Indoor Games and in martial arts facilitates the further popularization of this sport in the countries of our continent.

Preparations are currently active for those competitions. We the members of the organizing committee have come to Uzbekistan to attend the international tournament and boost our expertise in order to hold kurash competitions at the 4th Asian Games at a high organizational level. The contest has proved passionate, severe and honest, and that has impressed us to the end.”

“I had been into judo previously,” says the athlete Manish Kumar from India. “With the lapse of time, I got into kurash and have been into it for the last seven years. The Indian youth has also come to fancy this sport. It is my second participation in this international tournament in your country. I have witnessed that the appearance of Termez has been transforming with every coming year and the city is becoming more beautiful.”

In accordance with the tradition, the opening ceremony has included model performances of veteran athletes and children.

At the traditional 11th international tournament for the prize of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in homage to the memory of Hakim at-Termezi, athletes have competed in three weight categories. During intense fights, kurashists from South Korea, Iran, Congo, India, Vietnam, Israel, Russia, Thailand, and South Africa brightly demonstrated their skills. As a result, Sharofiddin Lutfullaev of Uzbekistan came first in the weight category of up to 66 kilograms, while another our compatriot – Bekzod Turaboev triumphed in the weight category of up to 81 kilograms.

“This is my first stay in Uzbekistan,” shares the athlete Taifiao Cheng Chan from the Chinese Taipei. “I have recently started to go in for kurash. Despite this very short period, I am very proud to have earned a prize position in my own weight category.”

In the finals of the international tournament, the Uzbek palvan Samijon Ubaydullaev has become an absolute world champion and won the prize of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan – ten thousand US dollars – by having defeated Parviz Sobirov of Tajikistan in the absolute weight category. The second prize – amounting to four thousand dollars – went to Tajikistan’s Parviz Sobirov. The two third places were shared by Russia’s Vladimir Trusov and the Iranian Khosravinijat Said, awarded 1.5 thousand US dollars each.

“It has been rather tough to achieve an absolute win at this prominent tournament,” suggests Samijon Ubaydullaev. “The competition has gathered scores of the strongest athletes of the world that ensured the contest passed in a severe and intense spirit. It is evidence to the fact that under the leadership of the head of our state, kurash has been turning into one of the most popular sports in the world. My win of the prize of the President of our country urges me to raise high the flag of Uzbekistan in the future eminent international competitions and worthily defend the honor of our Motherland.”

The participants and guests of the tournament have familiarized with historical monuments of the city of Termez, the Termez Archeological Museum, the creative works undertaken during independence years and the modern facilities erected here. (Source: “UzA”)

Competition of Horsemen

Traditional equestrian Uzbekistan open has taken place in Tashkent region with the participation of Akhalteke breed horses.

At the challenge organized by Uzbekistan’s Federation of Equestrian Sport in order to promote this type of activity, Mirzohid Musaev and Behzod Kurbonov set the record of Uzbekistan by overcoming a 195-cm barrier. Elmurod Botirov proved triumphant in the 500-m and 1,200-m races, while Sergey Levadniy won in the 1,800-m competition and Zokir Kulmatov was second to none in the 2,000-m race. (Source: “UzA”)


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