April 29, 2013
Andijan Regional Council Convenes for a Special Session
The Andijan Regional Kengash (Council) of People’s Representatives convened for a special session on April 26, 2013.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has attended the event and delivered a keynote speech.

The head of our state noted especially that Uzbekistan’s keen accomplishments, admired throughout the globe, are contributed to a great extent also by the people of Andijan region. The cardinally changing appearance of the administrative center of this province as well as those of other towns and villages, the mounting level and quality of life among the population have stirred the sense of pride in everyone of us.

The gross regional product in this province has doubled in the last seven years, the manufacturing volumes have grown 2.9 times, while the similar indicator for agriculture has been at 1.6 times, paid services at 2.7, and construction works at 3.4 times. Wide-scale works have covered modernization and diversification and technological renewal of the manufacturing sector, along with the expansion of production of ready goods from local raw materials. Particular significance has been attached to the establishment of modern enterprises designed to produce globally competitive goods with higher added value – all with considerable effects and outcomes.

This can be seen in the case of major manufacturers – engines of our economy, and primarily the automotive factory in the town of Asaka, President Karimov said. This plant epitomizes the institution of an absolutely novel sector in our economy, that is, the automobile industry. Notably, the production of cars and SUVs since 2008 under the world-famous Chevrolet brand jointly with one of world’s leading automotive corporations, General Motors, has come to be regarded as a landmark event in the evolution of domestic manufacturing industry.

Currently, the network of ventures producing components for automobiles has been enlarging. The number of such enterprises in Andijan region has grown from 47 to reach 108 in the last seven years, while the volume of their produce has totaled 1 trillion and 100 billion soums.

Given the role and significance of this sector in Uzbekistan’s economy, a particular emphasis has been placed on training highly qualified specialists. For instance, a core vocational college has been founded in Asaka district, while Andijan Mechanical Engineering Institute has been created on the premises of Andijan Engineering and Economics Institute, and Turin Polytechnic University has been established in Tashkent. All this is crucial in the consistent development of the sector taking into account the contemporary requirements.

Uzbekistan’s President stressed the remarkable achievements being made lately in the advancement of reprocessing industry in Andijan region. If compared, the volume of cotton reprocessing in the province amounted to 31.5 percent in 2006, in contrast to the 40 percent in 2012. The production capacities in textiles, knitwear, footwear, leather and fancy goods industries have also been enjoying growth.

Islam Karimov presented a comprehensive analysis of the efforts undertaken in the province on such fronts as the promotion of small business and private entrepreneurship; attraction of foreign investments and dynamics in the number of joint ventures established; implementation of projects designed to create enterprises specialized to produce construction materials, pharmaceuticals, and household appliances; reforms in agriculture; introduction of cutting-edge information and communication technologies; housing construction on standard designs in rural areas; advancement of social infrastructure and construction of related facilities.

Underscoring the triumphant indicators achieved in Andijan region across spheres, President Islam Karimov noted also the untapped opportunities and drew attention to the forthcoming priority tasks. The session participants then discussed a managerial issue on the agenda.

At the recommendation of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, the provisional hokim (governor) of Andijan region Shuhratbek Abdurahmanov has been elected hokim of this region. The people who took floor at the occasion, including the chairman of Andijan regional branch of the Nuroniy Fund Tavakkal Topvoldiev, the head of department at GM Uzbekistan Joint Venture Abduvakkos Rafikov, consultant for religious enlightenment and spiritual-ethic education at the Shahrikhonsoy settlement citizen’s assembly in Khodjaabad district Tojibarkhon Yuldasheva, chairman of the Regional Council of Farmers Rashidbek Mamadaliev, said that the speech by President Islam Karimov has provided with a comprehensive and profound scrutiny of the priority dimensions of socio-economic development in Andijan region as well as a tangible definition of imminent pressing challenges. The speakers pointed out that the residents of this province will make necessary conclusions and labor selflessly for securing the further elevation of the effectiveness of reforms and the persistent execution of approved programs of development throughout sectors and areas. (Source: UzA)


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