April 22, 2013
Uzbek national martial art conquers Europe
The program of the 28th Martial Arts Festival had strictly limited the time allotted for the performance of each of the 40 federations to a maximum of 5 minutes. These very five minutes was the ultimate moment of a five-day trip to Paris the team of Uzbekistan had made.

“In these 300 seconds we had to not only embrace the sports originality of our arts,” says Polat Usmanov, chairman of the National Federation of Uzbek Jang Sanati. “But also introduce 15,000 people, who filled the hall famous Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, to the culture and traditions of our nation. For us, it was a huge honor to present the national sport on such a grand forum. After all, to be among its members is already an achievement, because the organizers made a very serious selection based on the videos provided to them, and only the most deserving were allowed to participate in this amazing festival of martial arts.

In this whirlwind of styles we managed not just to be different but to astonish a competent jury with our combat scenario, original stances and sets of exercises, including with swords and poles performed in traditional dresses and accompanied by folk music. The organizers were also surprised by richness of elements. The performance from the Uzbek delegation included 27 of them, as national form of martial arts in the world has so many. At the same time these elements contribute to the patriotic education of our young people, as they bear names of the great ancestors: Amir Temur, Pahlavon Mahmud, At-Termizi, Mirzo Bobur, Al-Khorazmi, Berdakh, Ulughbek...

Frankly, we have moved beyond sports, it was more a cultural exchange. Not surprisingly, the producers of well-known I-PROD offered to film a video about our sport. But we were literally shocked by an unexpected acknowledgment of Uzbek Jang Sanati when we were approached by a master of the Ninth Dan from Okinawa with his visiting card. And, of course, we were very pleased with the second place after the representatives of the Moroccan Taekwondo, which is developing in their own original way.

I can proudly say that one more our national martial art, after Kurash, gained its place in Europe. Not by chance the organizing committee invited us to take part in the next year’s festival. And colleagues from Lausanne expressed their intention to open a fun club of Uzbek Jang Sanati. As for our athletes, they brought home a piece of Europe in their hearts after a trip to Paris. The nine Uzbeks from Bukhoro, Surkhondaryo and Tashkent performed an excellent five-minute demo at the Bercy Arena. Naturally, we tried to take the best to France. However it was difficult to select the top nine as there are many masters in our country, despite the young age of the federation. And the progress of the Uzbek Jang Sanati proves that the number of masters of this martial art will grow every day in the country.

“Look, there are five girls in our team: for them our national martial art is as attractive as it is for boys,” said Karim Davletmendov, deputy secretary general of Martial Arts Center for international affairs. “Our girls are as legendary sheros Tumaris, Barchinoy and others willing to master the martial arts. For example experts running www.karatebushido.com were amazed by the fact we hold contests Miss Martial Arts and the Princess Tumaris.” And they paid special attention to the Uzbek Jang Sanati by writing that the martial art from Uzbekistan has deep roots of national traditions. A variety of methods for connecting punches, wrestling, fighting sword, long and short sticks, adding, Uzbek Jang Sanati develop not only physically, but also mentally.” One of the participants of the team, Maftuna Hudoyarova from Orta-Chirchiq district of Tashkent region, said Uzbek Jang Sanati is not only fun, but also good for health and beautiful posture. “And also,” the girl added a little shyly. “It allows us to travel around the world.” Who will go to see Paris next year is not yet known. But every enthusiast of Uzbek Jang Sanati has all the chances to do it. (Source: Uzbekistan today newspaper)


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