March 11, 2013
President’s Holiday Greetings for Women of Uzbekistan
Dear mothers, sisters and daughters!

In these beautiful spring days, when the nature awakens and rejuvenates, it gives me an immense pleasure to sincerely congratulate you, my dearest, all the women of Uzbekistan on a wonderful holiday of March 8, the International Women’s Day, and express my best wishes.

Speaking of women, above all, we perceive of the sacred image of the Mother, who fostered us and nurtured, along with the Mother\'s milk and boundless love, the faith in the highest ideals of humanism. We once again are delighted to see that in the guise of a woman – an incomparable creation of the Almighty – embodied are the noblest of human qualities.

I believe everyone will agree with me that however much we may glorify our mothers and sisters, as a symbol of beauty, tenderness and love, who, by the generosity of their soul, kindness and dedication, build the foundation of a strong family, bring up children in the spirit of love and devotion to the country and the people, they certainly deserve more respect and reverence.

Dear women!

The level of cultural and spiritual maturity of a nation is known to be largely determined by the attitude of state and society toward women, the rights that they are entitled and the protection they are secured for their vital interests.

A nation who values its women and cares about them, a people who creates decent living conditions for them and shows thus their high culture and eternal values, surely is worthy of the greatest respect.

We always gratefully acknowledge the incomparable contribution of our women to the development and prosperity of the independent Uzbekistan in achieving our ambitious goals ahead.

We admire our women for their qualities such as hard work, generosity, kindness, ability to be genuine homemakers, and we always consider ourselves indebted to them.

It is pleasant to underscore that you, our dear women, work productively in the legislative and executive branches of government, nongovernmental organizations and public institutions, industries and agriculture, education, healthcare, science, culture and other fields. We especially appreciate your truly outstanding role in the implementation of much acknowledged unique programs such as the National Vocational Training Program and that of ‘Healthy Mother – Healthy Child’.

In this regard it would be proper to cite an example: women constitute about 50 percent of staff and workers across all sectors of economy in Uzbekistan, including the social sector. I believe this fact speaks for itself.

At the same time, we are aware that we need to consistently go ahead with our extensive endeavors in improving the living and working conditions of our women, protecting the institution of family, motherhood and childhood, providing for up to date knowledge and professions to children, especially girls, science and culture, for them to gain their rightful place in society.

As you know, the year 2013 is declared in this country as the Year of Wellbeing and Prosperity and thus a corresponding national program has been worked out to help further improve the level and quality of life of our people.

This year, nearly 60 percent of the national budget will be directed toward the social sector. It is projected to increase wages, pensions, allowances and scholarships by an average of 23 percent, which, undoubtedly, will become another important step in the growth of welfare.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the national program “The Year of Wellbeing and Prosperity” reflects such priority task as the consolidation of the family as a social institution, as upholding the role and status of women in society, as creating a proper environment for realization of their abilities and potential, increasing employment, especially in rural areas, promoting family business and home-based work, engaging women in entrepreneurial activities, including through the provision of loans.

Along with this it is projected to erect new production facilities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, those of arts and culture, services and sports, communication networks, build new housing, including 10,000 homes in villages, carry out a tremendous improvement and development work.

Naturally, we will be always focusing on the promotion of favorable environment for our women. In particular, in order to facilitate their domestic chores it is planned to increase the volume of consumer loans for the purchase of household appliances and other durable goods produced domestically by 1.3 times.

The very fact that the government assigns over 6 trillion 650 billion soums toward the national program, which includes a set of extensive and targeted measures, clearly indicates the vast scale of its goals and objectives covering all areas of our lives. Dear sisters, dear daughters!

Today, I consider it a greatest honor to express, on behalf of all men, my enormous respect and gratitude for your good qualities and noble aspirations, your priceless input into cementing the stability in our country, the peace and harmony, the atmosphere of love and kindness, friendship and understanding, into our common efforts directed at fostering our children as healthy and comprehensively advanced personalities.

Once again, let me sincerely congratulate you on the wonderful spring holiday of March 8.

May your homes be full of family warmth, prosperity, peace and wellbeing!

May happiness and good luck, sound health, beauty and love always accompany you!

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov (Source: Uzbekistan Today Newspaper)


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