October 29, 2012
Key Pillar of Agricultural Sector: new steps to uphold farmers\' movement
Uzbekistan to enhance the system of organization and management of farming movement.

President of Uzbekistan signed a Decree ‘On measures to streamline the operation and development of farming in Uzbekistan’. As part of the document it is envisaged to implement a range of measures in the republic to enhance the role and importance of farms as a key pillar for sustainable and effective development of the agricultural sector, and improvement of population’s welfare.

It is primarily about the further development and improvement of farms, expanding their rights and powers, strengthening their role in utilization of land and water resources and the existing production capacity, as well as hastened development and landscaping of rural areas, ensuring people’s employment and welfare.

It is appropriate to note radical measures on economic reformation of agricultural sector of Uzbekistan over the years of independence, which aimed at the introduction of market relations and development of private ownership in rural areas. The Land Code, the Law ‘On the farm’ and other laws and regulations have been adopted to provide a strong legal basis and guarantees for the development of farming, economic and financial independence of farms.

A range of measures was carried out to strengthen the logistical base of farms, optimize their lands that ensure the sustained growth in output, efficiency and profitability of farms through the rational use of land, water and logistical resources. Modern production and market infrastructure is being built in rural areas, providing farmers with the full range of the services they need.

The transfer of agricultural lands in the long-term rental property and the introduction of market relations in rural areas have turned into a crucial factor and a ground for the formation and development of farms, which ultimately strengthened the idea of a real owner of lands and manufactured goods. Today the farming movement in Uzbekistan is turning into a major producer of agricultural products and a powerful social and political force capable to take on the responsibility for the further development of agriculture and other related sectors and industries, as well as raising the level and quality of life.

To further effectively uphold and strengthen the economic independence and financial stability of the farming movement a Program of Measures for Further Improvement of the Legal Foundation for the Development of Farming was adopted. According to experts, it is intended to play a key role in the further development of farming movement in the country at the present stage.

In addition, it is envisaged to abolish the Farm Association and the Farm Support Fund, and institute the Council of Farmers of Uzbekistan, as well as farmers’ councils in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and districts.

The new structures will deal with the elaboration of proposals for further improvement of the legislation in the field of farming, building of logistical base of farms and ensuring the secure protection of their property relations.

The councils will be also responsible for the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of farms, including their relations with the state and economic administration, local authorities, procurement, supply and service providers, as well as support in court proceedings.

Besides, councils of farmers were issued the right to sue for the benefit of farms, appeal against the resolutions of state and economic administration, local authorities, actions (inactions) of their officials without paying state due.

The activity of the councils will accentuate the implementation of public scrutiny in order to ensure the principles of openness, transparency and the rule of law when establishing or restructuring farms, or the long-term leasing of land.

Another important aspect of operation of the councils is to assist in the development of diversified farms, introduction of effective water-saving technologies, particularly drip irrigation, as well as modern information and communication technologies. (Source: Uzbekistan Today newspaper)


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