August 27, 2012
New Step in National Motion Picture Development: Crucial issues and tasks under discussion
Uzbekkino National Agency has organized a press conference addressing the achievements of the national cinematography during the years of independence, as well as films, presented for the contest The Greatest and Dearest, on the theme of the present-day hero of the Uzbek movie. The conference was held in the National Press Center of Uzbekistan with participation of celebrated figures of cinema art, clerisies, and journalists.

“During the years of independence we have got wider opportunities and new prospects in development of the national cinematography,” says the editor of Uzbekkino National Agency Ghofur Eshmurodov. “The government gives huge support in creation of high quality feature films, documentaries and animations. I think, today, the main goal of our actors and film makers is to show the image of the present-day hero of Uzbekistan, as well as national traditions and tolerance, as representatives of more than 130 nationalities and ethnic minorities live in our country. And the current meeting is targeted at reporting the wider public about the works done within the past year.”

The past year is marked by a series of huge triumphs and achievements in national cinematography. First of all, it was, of course, the organization of the first Tashkent Golden Guepard International Film Forum, initiated by the Fund Forum. Turning into one of the most spectacular and significant events in cultural life of the country, the film festival brought together an impressive number of participants from various countries, as well as attracted the attention of the international community to the development of the modern Uzbek cinema.

There were produced not a few films, including quite unconventional and high quality ones, telling the story about various sides of human life. Production of the feature-publicist film, The Last Agony of the Soviets, shot to the order of the Uzbekkino National Agency could serve the example of it. Addressing the most complicated stage of formation of the national independence of Uzbekistan, the film drew a wide response among various strata of the society.

In the Year of Family, in commemoration of the country’s 21st years of independence, the film makers along with state studios including Uzbekfilm, Karakalpakfilm, Uzkinokhronika, as well as private studios carry out extensive works on production of new films devoted to family values.

Studio of documentaries and popular-science films prepares for release of such films as ‘School for Good Breeding’, ‘Family Is a Symbol of Eternal Life’, ‘Mahalla Is a Conscience of the People’, ‘Uzbekistan at International Community’, and others. Producers of animations do not stay aside. For the younger spectators they produce interesting and informative works on the basis of the national folklore, legends and stories.

“For the last several years we have gained much success, yet much we have ahead. Every period of time discovers its modern heroes, and our task is to show their images in our films,” noted the director Zulfiqor Musoqov.

The work on creation of the image of the present-day hero keeps going. The traditional contest The Greatest and Dearest has gathered large quantity of products by talented cinematographers of the country. The contest winners are to be announced ahead of the celebration of the 21st anniversary of the country’s independence.

The Uzbek films of last years do not lose their topicality, and they enjoy great popularity both in Uzbekistan and abroad. The most popular were included in the collection of best films, created in the years of independence “Golden Fund of Uzbek Cinema.” In the first half of 2012, the national films have participated in more than 20 international film festivals. (Source: Uzbekistan Today newspaper)


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