May 29, 2012
This year the expected exports volume of Uzeltehsanoat is $178.4 million
Enterprises of Uzeltehsanoat Association are projected to produce 754.8 billion soums (official exchange rate 1 USD= 1871,44 UZS) worth of goods in 2012. Through participation in the national anti-crisis program the Electrical Industry of Uzbekistan was able to minimize the impact of the global crisis and ensure the growth of production in comparison to previous years. Compared with 2007, production increased by 3.1 times.

]This information was announced at the industrial fair industry of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and aviation industries, standardization of products, which is part of the first phase of the 6th International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange.

Export is one of the most important indicators of effective functioning of an industry. While in 2007 the volume of exports was $83.7 million, in 2012 the expected volume is $178.4 million with a 2.1-fold increase of export growth.

It was noted that companies of the association plan to annually increase exports mainly due to the development of new products (modern types of cable-conductor products, high-and low-voltage equipment, crystal and ceramic products, home appliances and electronics), and entering the new markets. During the presentation, some figures of the expected volume of production and export of electrical products by enterprises of the Uzeltehsanoat association in 2012 were announced.

Particular emphasis was placed on the Governmental Decree of April 17, 2012 \"On additional measures to improve the social conditions of families\", which approved the forecast parameters of production by domestic manufacturers of household appliances in 2012-2014. The package of measures under the State program \"Year of the Family\" is aimed at expanding the existing capacities of domestic production of household appliances as well as the efforts of local producers for the production of popular products with high consumer properties are supported by the government in terms of sales.

It is predicted that under the State program \"Year of the Family\" commercial banks in Uzbekistan allocate 30 billion soums of consumer loans to the population of Uzbekistan in 2012 for the purchase of electrical household appliances. Such loans of up to 50 times the minimum wage are provided for up to three years.

Thanks to the favorable conditions created by government, business sector tasked to produce 144.2 billion soums worth of household goods in 2012.

The projected volume of production for industrial purposes (transformers, substations, switchboards, elevators and other accessories and hub parts) is 213.6 billion soums.

As for the cables and wires (more than two thousand kinds), it is projected to issue goods worth 397 billion soums.

During the presentation a steady increase of the share of household appliances in the total amount of products manufactured by Uzeltehsanoat was marked. According to forecasts, in 2012, this figure will increase to 19.1% (a 14% gain compared to 2011). The expected proportion of products for industrial and technical purposes is 28.3% (a 0.7% decrease), cable and wire products - 52.6% (a 13.3% decrease).

Investment projects that are currently implemented on updating the production of LED-TV, facilities for production of household appliances and gas stoves will increase annual production respectively TVs to 10,000, of household appliances - 25,000 units and gas stoves - 25,000.

In 2012-2014 it is scheduled to produce three-wheeled cargo bikes, universal trailers, new types of TVs and monitors, and gas ranges, mobile housing complexes, etc. (Source: UzReport.com)


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