March 29, 2012
Uzbekistan plans to launch production of NPK-fertilizer in 2014
Production of combined fertilizers is to be set up at SJSC Ammophos-Maxam under the Presidential Decree of October 4, 2011 \"On urgent measures to increase production and development of new types of competitive products\". Establishment of production of compound fertilizers was included in the list of investment projects to be accelerated by reducing time of preparation and implementation of construction and commissioning, SJSC Uzkimesanoat informed.

The project cost is $22.5 million, of which $4.5 million are the company\'s own funds, and $18 million are foreign investments and credits. Production of NPK-fertilizers at the largest enterprise producing phosphate fertilizers in Uzbekistan is scheduled to start after upgrading phosphorus production for total cost of $15 million in 2012-2013. The upgrade will increase the capacity of the enterprise by 42.5 thousand tons of amorphous, specified the company officials.

Development of a new type of fertilizer opens good opportunities to the chemical complex of Uzbekistan. According to experts, domestic and foreign market demand for compound fertilizers is quite high. The main reason is their cost. The principle \"three fertilizers in one\" provides an agrochemical high efficiency and reduces costs of fuel and lubricants due to the simultaneous introduction of essential nutrients into the soil.

In this regard, a key player on market of mineral fertilizers in Central Asia the chemical complex of Uzbekistan - gets number of advantages.

Chemical fertilizer is largely a product of processing ore and natural gas. Enterprises for their production are usually located near the places of extraction of raw materials. Natural gas (raw material for the production of nitrogen fertilizers) as well as phosphate and potash ores are distributed unevenly in the world.

Uzbekistan, which has its own stockpile of raw materials (natural gas, Qizilqum phosphorus and Tyubetagan and potassium salts) and enterprises on its processing take a winning position. The country can become a major exporter of compound fertilizers to intensive and growing markets of other countries that lack or do not have their own natural resources and production of fertilizer, experts believe.

In conditions of annual increase of international trade of mineral fertilizers and raw materials for their production on the background of population growth and demand for food commodities, the regional conference of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), which will be held on April 2-4 in Tashkent becomes particularly important.

According to experts, holding of this event in Uzbekistan will increase its cooperation with international manufacturers of fertilizers. In addition, it will play a significant role in attracting potential investors to implement projects in the chemical industry of the country. The purpose is the construction of modern facilities for production of highly liquid and competitive on the international markets products, diversification of the structure and geography of exports of mineral fertilizers produced by enterprises of SJSC Uzkimesanoat.

According to Goskomstat, in 2012 the Uzkimesanoat produced 1.17 million tons of fertilizers (36 thousand tons in 2010). Most of them were nitrogen fertilizers: 924.3 thousand tons (- 31 tons in 2010).

The second and third places went to phosphate fertilizers: 139.4 thousand tons (-9.3 tons) and potassium fertilizers: 108 thousand tons (+78 tons).

In the next two years, Uzbekistan has substantial plans to increase production of potash fertilizers. For this purpose, the country implements a project on expansion of production capacity at Dehkanabad potash fertilizer plant. (Source: UzReport.com)


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